Abstract project writing – insight on how to begin your abstract

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Abstract project writing – insight on how to begin your abstract


 An abstract is a brief description of the entire project work.  their is a pattern it need to follow to be called an abstract.

  1. The first paragraph should contain a brief introduction, statement of the problem and broad objective of the study. Avoid the use of ambiguous word and complex grammar.
  2. second paragraph should contain a summary of the methodology adopted.
  3. third paragraph should contain the results obtained, it should be briefly stated.
  4. the fourth paragraph should contain conclusion and a key recommendation
  5. it must be in a page and must not be more than 350 words.


 The effect of organizational justice on citizenship behaviour of employees in nigerian breweries. By odika, emmanuel onyeka

Organizational justice is an essential component and predictor of successful organizations. Organization that is fair and just in its procedures, policies, interactions and distribution systems, employees of that organization give better response to the organization in terms of their positive behaviours and productivity thus the main objective of this study was to investigate the effect of organizational justice on citizenship behaviour in Nigeria breweries. The study adopted the survey design using the questionnaire as the main instrument of data collection. A sample of 133 respondents was selected from Top management staff, middle management, lower management and casual staffs of Nigeria breweries, Ama plant using the stratified. The study employed regression analysis with the aid of Eviews 8 to analyze and answer the research questions. The findings from the study revealed that there is a significant relationship between distributive, procedural, interactional justice on employee commitments in Nigeria breweries. The study concludes that organizational justices have significant relationship on citizenship behaviour in Nigeria breweries. The study recommended that management of Nigeria breweries, should as much as possible provide sound conducive physical, social and mental working environment with adequate tools and facilities such as favourable ventilation & Temperature, Noise, Infrastructure and Interior and Amenities for employees to boast their moral and increase organizational effectiveness.

FINALLY: since an abstract is something that seems to be review before final approval, it is necessarily you do some revision before submission.