Automatic Letter Detecting Device for Home Letter Box ( 31 pages:chapter 1-5 )

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Automatic Letter Detecting Device for Home Letter Box ( chapter 1-5 )

Objective of the study:-

Man is the only human being that develops the goods for its convenience and luxury. With the change in technology, manmade machine are going to be automatic. Present days we can says that it is time of e-mail and internet but still important documents in hard copy and letters are same importance in the daily life. Now everywhere system is in online forms and it is converting in online system but also in some work still we cannot replace the paper work. These papers and documents are needs to post form one place to other place in office and for homes.

In cities where the common men are too busy that they need everything to be done automatically and conveniently. Peoples don’t have to times to check his home letter box. If he is waiting for some important documents or letter then also he cannot checked his letter box twice a day that postman has dropped the letter or not. So we have to make a system that can fulfill above maintain requirement. So the objective of the study can described in following points.

  1. To make a reliable automatic letter detecting device for home letter box.
  2. To make a device that should be in minimum cost.
  3. The device should be maintenance free means required very low maintenance and very easy to troubleshoot.
  4. The system can install easily.

So people need an automatic system that gives message or indication for the incoming posts in conveniences, efficiently and in reliable method. Todays are very price rising so it must be very low cost. For the fulfillment of this requirement Automatic Letter Box is very suitable electronic device that is easy to operate and very low cost that can be used in every home.