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how to begin your project research topic

Your final year project is an academic task that must be accomplished by every undergraduate in other to obtain the attribution to graduate. However, most students do not have the necessary skills to complete their final year project, which implies an extra work to their supervisor. In this context, I will enlighten you on what you need know about project writing. 

Before you Begin a research project, you must have decided on an interested topic, this topic are mostly assigned to you by your supervisor, lecturer or through the school management. In most case, students are asked to choose three to four topics for approval. The approved process is determined by your supervisor.  

Let us assume you've meet the criteria for approval and your project topic is approved. What should be the next?

The format:  the format   implies the structure or table of contents. It could be assigned to you by your supervisor or you can get it from the library. The format varies according to department or discipline. Below is an example of a project structure/format in the Department of English & Communication Studies.

Chapter1: Introduction

1.1 Background to the Study (this is where you introduces the subject of your investigation using all available facts and figures to establish its foundation.)

1.2 Statement of Problem

(this is the logical conclusion of the issues raised under the Background to the Study)

1.3 Objective/Purpose of Study

(these should be followed by objectives in line with the conceptual framework)

1.4 Significance of Study

(your subheading should start with an introductory statement.  First, state and explain the theoretical relevance of the study. Second,   show targeted practitioners that will benefit from the findings of the study.)

1.5 Scope/Delimitation and Limitations of Study

(This subheading should start with an introductory statement.  This subheading should specify the areas covered by the study in terms of content scope, geographical scope, and unit of measurement)

1.6 Research Questions/Hypothesis

(This subheading should start with an introductory statement. In line with the research objectives and research questions, hypothetized relationships should be stated in the null form (Ho) by operationalizing the conceptual framework.)

1.7 Theoretical Framework:

it defines the key concepts in your research, proposes relations between them, and discusses relevant theories based on a literature review

1.8 Definition of Terms

(This segment of the Introduction is used to provide a sort of working definition to all the items)

Chapter 2:

Review of Related Literature (Note: This may form part of Chapter One in Literary Research

Chapter 3:

Methodology/Method of Study/ Research Design

(Note: This is especially relevant to Language and Communication research. For Literary research, this chapter may be focused on analysis of any specific theme or text).It is focused on sampling techniques, detailed application of theoretical or critical framework, method of data presentation and analysis, etc.

Chapter 4:

Analysis and Discussion (i.e. Analysis of data and discussion of findings).

Chapter 5:

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations


Appendices [Letters and Correspondences, Maps and Figures, Figures and

Statistical Computations, Tables (especially longer tables)

What you need to know about the project format

The format differs according to department and what is needed from you. Using the wrong format attracts correction/adjustment from the survivor; a student might be required to exclude the hypothesis, because it's not required.  Or include definition of terms because it’s required. Also the format for science and engineering department differs from the format of management and art departments. The structure might be similar but having different terms, for instance, an engineering student whose topic is on the design and construction of an electronic display board might be require to change the term use in chapter two from literature review to research methodology because it is not in line with the departmental structure, it is therefore advice to ask your supervisor for format.

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