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list of ND accounting project topics

In this post I will share with you a list of ND accounting project topics, the list will be useful for students in need of project topics. Carefully review access and download your interesting topics. All listed topics are available from chapter 1-5 in typed format PDF and MS-word formats, if your interested topics is not listed, search your keywords, topics or related phrase to your topics. It might interest you to view accounting project topics on auditing.

Assets Valuation And Its Effect On The Financial Statements Of Manufacturing Companies

Auditing As A Veritable Tool For Efficient Accountability Of Public Funds

Auditing As An Instrument For Organisational Success

Auditor’s Contribution Towards Effective Management Of Business Organization.

Book Keeping And Accounting Practices In Small Scale Enterprises

Budget And Budgetary Control System As A Tool For Effective Decision And Planning

Budgetary Control A Panacea For Effective Management Decision Making

Budgetary Control : An Indispensable Tool For Effective Performance Of An Organisation

Budgetary Control As A Tool For Decision Making In An Organization

Budgetary Control As A Tool For Decision Making In Corporate Organization

Budgeting As An Instrument Of Internal Control In A Manufacturing Organization A Case Study Of Eternit Limited Delta

Business Performance: The Role Of Cost Management

Capital Structure Financial Performance Of Listed Manufacturing Firms In Nigeria

Community Banking As A Strategy For Rural Development In Nigeria

Contribution Of Accountant To Business Success In Nigeria

Contribution Of Business Support System To Entrepreneurial Development

Cost Control In Practice In Small Scale Enterprises

Critical Analysis Of Income Tax As A Source Of Revenue In Nigeria

Critical Analysis Of Personal Income Tax As A Tool To Economic Development

Critical Examination Of The Role And Importance Of Auditing To Business Growth

Debt Recovery In Merchant Banks In Onisha Metropolis

Effect Of Costing On Productivity Of Manufacturing Organization In Nigeria A Study Of Chivita

Effect Of Fraud Management On A Survival Of A Company

Effective Internal Control System As A Means Of Fraud Prevention And Detection In Hospital Management

Effectiveness Of Book Keeking Accounts For Non Profit Making Organization

Credit Policy Of Financial Institution And It’s Relevance On Economic Development

Evaluation Of The Accounting Systems Used By Small Scale Enterprises In Nigeria

Impact Of Micro Finance Banks On The Survival Of Small And Medium- Scale Enterprises

Internal Audit As A Means Of Management Control In Public Enterprises

Leasing: A Tool For Generating Income Via Proper Accounting Techniques

Liquidity Management In Commercial Banks A Case Study Of First Bank Plc

Loan Procurement Procedures For Small And Medium Scale Businesses “Problems And Prospects

Management Of Micro Finance Bank Loans And Customers Default

Managerial Accounting The Role And Importance In Decision Making In An Organization

Overview And Application Of Accounting Policies And Its Effect On Shareholders’ Investment In Public Liability Companies

Problem In Financing Local Government In Delta State, Isoko North Local Government

Problems And Prospects In Financing Local Government In Delta State

Risk Management In Financial Institution In Nigeria

Role Of Financial Statement In Investment Decision Making

Scope Of Internal Audit Functions Contemporary Issues And Challenges

Sources Of Revenue And Expenditure Of Local Government Area In Delta State

Stock Control: An Indispensable Tool For Effective Performance In An Organisation

Stock Control In A Manufacturing Organisation

The Analysis Of The Impact Of Value Added Tax On Revenue Generation In Nigeria

The Concept Of Cost Management In The Management Of Public Funds

The Effect Of Fraud And Preventive Measures On The Performance Of Financial Institutions

The Effect Of Fraudulent Practices The Banking Industry

The Effect Of Overhead Cost On The Selling Price Of A Product

The Effect Of Poor Accounting Records In Small And Medium Profit Making Organization

The Effect Of Proper Accounting Record In Small And Medium Scale Enterprises

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