Causes of indiscipline among workers case study of Guinness Nigeria plc benin city 55 pages

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Causes of indiscipline among workers case study of Guinness Nigeria plc benin city (public admin) 55 pages


The purpose of this study is to look into the causes of indiscipline among public organisation of the Guinness Nigeria Plc its affects staff performance.

In this study, the research identified the causes of indiscipline in an organisation an gave valuable solutions to alleviating them.

The research has divided the study into five chapters. Chapter one consists of an introduction on the chosen topics, statement of the problem objectives of the study historical background, research
question, scope of study limitation as well as definition of terms. While chapter two contains the literature review which is detailed account of other contributions on the related topics.

Chapter three consists of Research methodology, which explains the research design and setting sampling methods and data collection techniques.

Chapter four related to the analysis and interpretation of responses obtained to validate the various hypothesis postulated.

Chapter five deal with conclusion and recommendation.…………ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .