design and implementation of campus online help desk information system (82 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

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design and implementation of campus online help desk information system (82 pages) CHAPTER 1-5


The abstract of the project is now the online help desk information system has eased the general public who wish to make there enquires, log complaints, make a suggestion. These incidents vary significantly in type and urgency and require the attention of officials (hereafter referred to as ‘users’) within one or more Public Sector entities. The Campus online help desk has a Human Resource System with a single purpose of maintaining sensitive information that is required for a few key employees outside of HR. The Campus online help desk is a major change to the way thing is currently done. Using the Campus online help desk must be a Company Directive otherwise it will never be fully implemented. In other to achieve the best out of this work, Html,PHp, javascript was used for the design of the web-based program.


Background of the Study
Customer care is a crucial element of business success. Every time you have contact with your customers you have an opportunity to improve your reputation with them and increase the likelihood of further sales.

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