design and implementation of online student clearance system (54 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

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design and implementation of online student clearance system (54 pages) CHAPTER 1-5


Computer Software Based online clearance system is an internet base research work that will help build an effective information management for schools. It is aimed at developing a computer software system that replaces the manual method of clearance for graduating students. The designed software will serve as a more reliable and effective means of undertaking students clearance, remove all forms of delay and stress as well as enable you to understand the procedure involved, as well as how to do your clearance online. This project work makes use of data collection from the university, materials and journals from various authors and the software was developed to effectively achieve the aim of the project. In this project, the implementation of the computer based system was carried out using JOOMLA for the program; in conclusion, this project work is likely going to meet some of the objectives.


Objective of the existing system is to unable student to pay all their fees before leaving the school. Some Levis are charged for processing student files and others for departmental dues or otherwise. The clearance system is design to help student pay all their dues and obtain a clearance certificate.(54 pages) ………….ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .