INSTRUCTION: carefully review all listed project topics and contact us for the complete material(s), but if you can’t find any, kindly review related departments and choose a topic. Submit for approval, once approved by your supervisor; contact us for the complete material(s). If your department is not listed on our website feel free to contact us for available topics & materials related to your discipline. If a topic is newly assigned to you feel free to contact us for the material.


  1. phytochemical and anti inflammatory properties of methanol extract of crateva adansonii stem bark.(89 pages)
  2. the effect of n-hexane extract of kola nitida bark on liver function test of (50 pages)
  3. the study of properties of briquette produced from groundnut shell coal blend (43 pages)
  4. effects of processing methods on the physico chemical properties of sweet potato and sorghum( 81 
  5. determination of active sweet components of common artificial sweeteners that are used as replacement for sugar (55 pages)
  6. the oxidative stress status of rats fed on oil bean seed meal (56 pages)
  7. extraction and characterization of vegetable oil using bread fruit seed (37 pages)
  8. extraction and formulation of perfume from plant (60 pages)
  9. the effect of water extract of cola nitida pod on lipoprotein concentrations of albino wistar rats( 48 pages)
  10. preliminary investigation on effects of burantashi extract on lipoproteins of albino male and female rats (98 pages)


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