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  1. development of work-based learning guide (wblg) for industrial training of university undergraduates in metalwork industry
  2. availability and utilization of library facilities by students with visual impairment in universities in enugu state
  3. effect of cognitive apprenticeship instructional method on students’ acheivement, retention and skill performance in automobile mechanics.
  4. utilization of integrated marketing communications as a marketing strategy by manufacturing companies operating in cross river state of nigeria
  5. accident prevention practices of urban households in plateau state
  6. a comparative analysis of the mathematics curricula courses of secondary schools and universities: implication for students attitude towards the study of mathematics
  7. development and validation of soft toy patterns for children in anambra state
  8. development of clothing merchandising curriculum for integration into home economics education programme of universities in south-east nigeria
  9. application of accounting ratios in measuring solvency of small scale industries in the manufacturing sector of cross river state, nigeria
  10. professional-competency capacity building needs of teachers of agricultural science for effective instruction in secondary schools in ondo state
  11. utilization of electronic commerce in commercial banks operating in rivers state
  12. analysis of gender participation in agricultural food crop production activities in nigeria
  13. agenda for the promotion and protection of the right of the child to education in borno state, nigeria
  14. combinatorial properties of the alternating & dihedral groups and homomorphic images of fibonacci groups
  15. correlation of secretarial students’ pre-nd and nd final examinations in four secretarial courses at federal polytechnics in north-central nigeria (1995/1996 – 2001/2002)
  16. strategies for improving the performance of students in woodwork in the national technical certificate (ntc) examination in nasarawa state.
  17. entry-level skills needed in poultry production by senior secondary school final year students of agricultural science in aguata, agricultural zones of anambra state.
  18. student’s personal skills required for virtual learning in kogi state tertiary institutions
  19. effectiveness of school quality indicators on the production of technical teachers in colleges of education in south western nigeria
  20. effects of n.p.k fertilizer, poultry droppings and cattle dung on the yeilds of upland rice in nsukka
  21. the child-care practices adopted by the caregivers in crèches in lagos state
  22. work skills required by secondary school graduates for success in yam production and processing enterprise in anambra state
  23. office work skills required of nce office education graduates in a modern office as percieved by employers in selected organisations in delta state
  24. skill improvement needs of foundry technology teachers in polytechnics in the north central zone of nigeria
  25. management practices required for effective operation of small and medium scale enterprises in gombe state
  26. extent of utilization of marketing mix by micro-enterprises operators of locally- made cloths (aso-oke) in lagos state.
  27. assessment of financial management practices of secondary schools in nsukka and obollo education zones of enugu state
  28. influence of e-banking on customer services in yobe state as perceived by banks’ customers
  29. in-service training needs of executive secretaries in public establishments in kaduna state
  30. evaluation of the training programme of the vocational agricultural training centres in benue state
  31. electronic office skills required by business education students in universities in cross river and akwa ibom states
  32. assessment of the availability and utilization of information technology (it) facilities in bayelsa state ministry of education
  33. influence of entrepreneurship education on the management of service industries in owerri senatorial zone of imo state as perceived by the proprietors
  34. influence of patronage motives on the consumption of soft drinks by students in colleges of education in enugu state
  35. the effect of npk15:15:15 fertiizer and poultry droppings on tomato yield in ankpa, ankpa local government area of kogi state
  36. job entry-level competencies in pig production needed by secondary school students in ebonyi state
  37. utilization of non-price competition marketing strategies by breweries in nigeria
  38. strategies for meeting challenges of young entrepreneurs in textile and clothing establishments in lagos state
  39. extent of utilization of information and technology [ict] in small and medium enterprises in ogun state
  40. metacognitive skills development strategies for improving academic performance of building construction technology student in colleges of education in the western states of nigeria.
  41. postgraduate students’ level of ict resources utilization in research projects in vocational teacher education programmes in the universities in enugu state
  42. work-skill needs of secondary school graduates in plantain production in anambra state
  43. emerging roles of agricultural extension workers in meeting the food security needs of the millennium development goals
  44. effect of guided discovery learning on students achievement in final account in financial accounting in colleges of education in edo state
  45. diagnostic analysis of non adoption variables of agricultural development programme’s rice production technologies among farmers in anambra state
  46. strategies for bridging the gap between theory and practical in skill acquisition by carpentry and joinery students in benue state technical colleges
  47. strategies for improving skill acquisition of building technology students in technical colleges in ebonyi state
  48. identification of constraints to effective financing small and medium scale enterprises in ebonyi state.
  49. entrepreneurship skills required by secondary school graduates for success in yellow pepper production enterprises in nsukka agro-ecological zone of enugu state
  50. workshop management techniques needed to improve the teaching and learning of basic technology in ebonyi state
  51. strategies for utilizing clothing in teaching nursery school children in lagos state
  52. influence of television advertising on consumers of alcoholic products in taraba state
  53. cost accounting skills needs of small business operators in anambra state
  54. extent of facilitation of commercial banking operations by computer-based office technologies in ekiti state
  55. measures for effective maintenance of agricultural science facilities and equipment in senor secondary schools in enugu state
  56. extent of utilization of cyber-café in teaching and learning in higher institutions in cross river state.
  57. strategies for improving the practices adopted by families in coping with selected family crises in kaduna state
  58. safety practice skill needs of metalwork students in technical colleges in ondo state
  59. effect of the use of scale models on academic achievement and interest of students in map-work
  60. strategies for enhancing consumer information utilization by urban households in abia state
  61. effects of interaction of teaching methods and study habits on students’ achievement and interest in chemistry
  62. the influence of environmental factors on the occupational aspirations choice of secondary school students towards independent living
  63. evaluation of the academic achievement of secondary school students in home management in the eastern states of nigeria
  64. entrepreneurial competencies required by technical college drafting graduates for establishing small and medium scale enterprises in plateau state.
  65. effects of concept mapping and cognitive styles on achievement of students in integrated science
  66. strategies for improving the teaching and learning of qbasic programming language in colleges of education in enugu, ebonyi and anambra states
  67. extent of utilization of marketing mix by palm oil investors in bayelsa state, nigeria
  68. strategies for improving the acquisition of software engineering skills in computer technology in universities in the south-east geo-political zone of nigeria.
  69. electrical installation competencies required by electrical/electronic teachers in bauchi and gombe statesttechnical colleges
  70. marketing strategies utilized by small and medium scale enterprises in marketing their products in enugu metropolis of enugu state
  71. strategies for the provision of functional clothing for pregnant women in imo state
  72. agricultural risks management strategies needed by farmers in western agricultural zone of kogi state
  73. modern information management practices of small and medium enterprises (smes) in enugu metropolis
  74. entrepreneurial competencies required by secondary school graduates for success in commercial turkey production.
  75. structural factors that cause building failures
  76. effect of prior knowledge of specific objectives of agricultural science instruction on the academic performance of senior secondary school students
  77. entrepreneurial competencies required by secondary school graduates for sheep production in abia state
  78. evaluation of teaching resources for teaching and learning of introductory technology in kogi state junior secondary schools
  79. evaluation of human and material resources for teaching metal works in secondary schools in ekiti state
  80. safety practice skills required by metalwork students of technical colleges for effective operation in the workshop in akwa ibom state
  81. workshop practice management skill improvement needs of electricity/electronics teachers in technical colleges in adamawa, bauchi and gombe state
  82. strategies for retaining post primary qualified technical teachers in the school system in katsina state
  83. maintenance practices required for liquid crystal display (lcd) television by electronic technicians in anambra state
  84. the effect of feeding varying levels of rumen digesta on the growth of african land giant snail (archachatina marginata)
  85. perceived effects of disintermediation in palm oil distribution in rivers and bayelsa states
  86. effect of drama on the interest and achievement of junior secondary school 2 students in social studies.
  87. a study of the organisation of home economics programme of the ministry of agriculture and natural resources in imo state and its educational implication to rural woman
  88. effect of overlay technique of multimedia projection on biology achievement of non-science student of different scientific literacy levels in polytechnics in anambra state, nigeria
  89. principals’ administrative process strategies for the achievement of quality assurance in secondary schools in kogi state
  90. psychosocial needs of people living with hiv and aids in northern senatorial district of cross river state, nigeria
  91. influence of emotional intelligence and learning styles on school adjustment of junior secondary school students in nsukka educational zone
  92. assessment of teachers readiness for the implementation of the new cultural and creative art curriculum in primary education
  93. availability and utilization of web-based tools for effective delivery of instruction in nigerian universities in south-south zone
  94. assessment of strategies for rural development in isi –uzo local government area in enugu state
  95. assessment of women’s participation in community development projects in nsukka local government area of enugu state
  96. problems militating against the effective mobilization of women for participation in community development in enugu north senatorial zone of enugu state, nigeria
  97. empowering the widows of the catholic diocese of nsukka to cope with their problems through non- formal education programmes
  98. administrative barriers to community development programmes in nsukka local government area
  99. influence of maternal mortality on community development in njikoka local government area of anambra state
  100. rating of the training needs of adult education instructors in anambra state
  101. socio-economic impact of women education and empowerment on family life in kogi central senatorial district of kogi state.
  102. assessment of personnel and personnel development programme of the distance education institutes in abia state
  103. assessment of people’s perception of grassroots community development projects in ezza south lga of ebonyi state
  104. factors motivating women’s participation in adult literacy programmes in oji-river local government area of enugu state
  105. problems of marginalization of women in community development in item, bende local government area of abia state
  106. electrical installation competencies required by electrical/electronic teachers in bauchi and gombe states technical colleges
  107. developing benchmark for effective partnership in the administration of adult education programmes in the south-east geo-political zone of nigeri
  108. assessment of strategies for rural development in isi –uzo local government area in enugu state.
  109. students’ perception of national teachers’ institute – nigeria certificate in education distance education programme in ebonyi and enugu states, nigeria.corporate social responsibilities of shell petroleum development company (spdc) and nigeria agip oil company (noac) for sustainable community development in rivers state.
  110. assessment of the harmful cultural practices affecting the health of rural women: a study of community based women organisations in ebonyi state
  111. utilization of learning materials in the distance education programmes of our saviour institute of science agriculture and technology (osisatech) enugu
  112. in –service education needs of adult literacy intructors in enugu state
  113. faculty of education
  114. poor performance of students in english language in neco examination among selected secondary schools in awka urban.
  115. influence of mothers’ employment on academicperformance of primary school pupils in federal capital territory, abuja, nigeria
  116. fastness properties of fresh and fermented dyes extracted from cicha plants (indigofera trinctoria) on cotton and synthetic fabrics (borno state)
  117. analysis of performance of students in public senior secondary school certificate examinations (ssce) in zaria education zone, kaduna state, nigeria (2006-2010)
  118. factors militating against the enrolment and retention of girl-child students in junior secondary schools in kaduna state
  119. a manual for the use of slide tape instructional programme on the physical learning environment of ahmadu bello university main campus, zaria.
  120. utilization of instructional media in some selected grade ii teacher training colleges in kaduna state, nigeria
  121. behavioural determinants of participation in leisure activities of sokoto state civil servants
  122. factors for academic staff turnover in ahmadu bello university, zaria 1988 to 1998
  123. analysis of the qur’anic methodology in discussing belief with non muslims
  124. impact of school facilities on teaching and learning in nigerian airforce secondary schools
  125. school dropout among boys and girls from secondary schools in lagos state
  126. a comparative study and analysis of voluntary post-primary institutions in adamawa and taraba states before and after the government take-over
  127. impact of agents of socialization on the academic performance of social studies students in junior secondary schools in jigawa state
  128. women’s perception of baby friendly and conventional baby feeding practices in taraba state.
  129. an evaluation of the organizational factors which influence the job satisfaction of business studies teachers in gombe state
  130. objectives of sports programmes expressed as needs and aspirations by ahmadu bello university, zaria, students.
  131. influence of nigeria tertiary institutions on the development of sport participation and elitism in nigeria sporting cul
  132. teachers’ perceptions of career masters’ mistresses’ functions: a case study of zonkwa zone of kaduna state
  133. the level of oral english performance of pupils in selected primary six classes in zaria
  134. teenage parenthood and child rearing strategies employed by teenage secondary school mothers in kaduna state
  135. anaerobic power performance of upper and lower limbs of selected nigerian children and adolescents
  136. effects of summaries, marginal notes and flow diagrams on recall of prose text
  137. an assessment of availability, awareness and use of electronic resources and services in the libraries of the kaduna state tertiary institutions
  138. appraisal of the implementation of information technology in business education programme in four federal universities in nigeria
  139. a study of the organization, administration and functioning of female boarding post primary schools in katsina statf
  140. job satisfaction among secondary school teachers in kaduna state
  141. perceived availability and utilization of healthcare services in tertiary institutions in nasarawa state
  142. a comparison of constitutional awareness of the junior secondary school social studies students in katsina state
  143. impact of educational programmes of federal capital territory on teaching and learning in junior secondary schools of abuja, nigeria.
  144. factors hindering the effective teaching of christian religious studies (c.r.s) in post secondary institutions in benue state
  145. influence of household tasks on the job performance of female teachers in tertiary institutions in sokoto state, nigeria
  146. evaluation of provision and maintenance of infrastructural facilities in boarding secondary schools in yola metropolis adamawa state, nigeria
  147. impact of child labour on school attendance and academic performance of pupils in public primary schools in niger state
  148. effects of multivariate teaching variables on the academic performance of nce social studies students in colleges of education in north-west geo – political zone, nigeria
  149. a comparative investigation of the articulation of english fricatives by teachers and students: a study on selected senior secondary schools in kaduna metropolis
  150. effect of selected variables upon students’ performance in shorthand transcription
  151. factors influencing job satisfaction of business teachers in nigerian colleges of education
  152. availability, accessibility and utilization of information resources and services for prison inmates in north central states of nigeria
  153. assessment of the implementation of adult literacy curriculum in zaria local government area of kaduna state.
  154. influence of agricultural mechanization on crop production in bauchi and yobe states, nigeria
  155. impact of social studies education on hiv/aids awareness among college of education students in kaduna state
  156. the library development of selected post-secondary school level theological seminaries in nigeria
  157. a comparison of the effects of the cesac and waec traditional biology programmes on the subsequent performance of students in s. b, s. biology examinations
  158. entry qualifications and students’ academic performances in mathematics and science: a case study of the college of advanced studies, zaria, nigeria
  159. feedback as factor for determining effectiveness of sdi services in research library .
  160. the perceived causes of behaviour problems of children in homes
  161. assessment of the constraints to teaching and learning of physical education in first cycle public schools in ghana
  162. parenting styles on children’s self-concept and academic performance in adamawa state
  163. effects of educational field trips on academic performance of junior secondary school social studies students in kaduna state-nigeria
  164. a study of job satisfaction among teachers of post primary institutions in zaria metropolitan area of kaduna st
  165. attitude toward teaching of physical education: a case study of students in zaria teacher training colleges
  166. relationship between performance in english language and the overall performance of students of post-primary schools in kano state by tijjani muhammad
  167. determinants of health practices among the students of tertiary institutions in kano state
  168. alcohol consumption in kaduna state: implications for socio-economic development
  169. accessibility and use of library resources and services of the medical library, ahmadu bello university, zaria
  170. effects of two reading approaches on the achievement and attitudes of polytechnic students in large classes
  171. determinants of mortality rate among under five children in nasarawa state
  172. an assessment of parents’ attitudes towards girl-child education in kaduna state as perceived by teachers and school principals
  173. analysis of the expected and actual english language needs of the nigeria certificate in education (nce) students in north-west zone
  174. the effects of study aims, approaches and time management on academic performance of students in college of education, jalingo
  175. effect of teaching poultry production on choice of career by agricultural science students in secondary schools in adamawa state, nigeria
  176. physical fitness status of public and private secondary school students in zaria, kaduna state
  177. sports and administrative practices: a case study of selected schools and colleges in imo state of nigeria
  178. use of management information system in agricultural extension programmes of ahmadu bello university, zaria, nigeria
  179. establishment and management of university electronic libraries in the northwest zone of nigeria
  180. effects of multi-dimensional variables on female enrolment in technology programmes in federal polytechnics in the northern geo-political zones of nigeria: implication for curriculum review
  181. perceived constraints to effective utilization of primary health care services in kaduna state
  182. awareness, access and utilization of information among primary health care practitioners in rural areas of north western states of nigeria
  183. perception of the relationship between teacher quality and students’ academic performance in senior secondary schools in kano metropolis
  184. influence of modern information technology devices usage on family interaction in adamawa state
  185. problems and prospects of studying shorthand in federal colleges of education in the north-west zone, nigeria
  186. relationship between the use of playground facilities and pre-school children’s motor development in kaduna metropolis
  187. influence of business education skills in promoting small and medium-scale enterprises in northwestern geo-political zone of nigeria.
  188. marketing library and information services in academic libraries in niger state
  189. an evaluation of the implementation of language of instruction policy in primary schools in local education authorities in udenu local government area in enugu state
  190. appraisal of early childhood education programme implementation in enugu state
  191. appraisal of early child care centres in public primary schools in udenu local government education authority of enugu state
  192. status and promotion of moral instruction in primary schools in nsukka east education authority
  193. appraisal of the implementation of the national blue print on pre-primary education in aba education zone of abia state.
  194. an appraisal of child-friendly status (cfs) of early childhood care education (ecce) schools in niger state
  195. teachers’ perception of the influence of play on pre-primary school children’s development in otukpo education zone, benue state
  196. assessment of the management and sustainability of science and technology education post-basic (step-b) project in federal unity colleges in south-south, nigeria
  197. the status of application of knowledge management in administration of federal universities in south-east, nigeria.
  198. evaluation of the implementation of the national policy on pre-primary education in enugu state
  199. effect of entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurial behaviour of secondary students in rivers state
  200. appraisal of budgetary practices in grant-aided secondary schools in north central, nigeria
  201. improving school-community partnership in sustainable quality assurance in secondary school administration in nsukka education zone
  202. staff management practices in pentecostal seminaries in south-east, nigeria
  203. conflict management strategies of secondary school principals in ebonyi state, nigeria.
  204. evaluation of the implementation of ube programme in primary schools in nsukka education zone of enugu state
  205. a comparative study of transformational leadership behaviours of administrators in public and private secondary schools in nsukka education zone of enugu state
  206. patterns of and strategies for preventing adolescent alcohol abuse in bayelsa state, nigeria
  207. patterns of unsafe sexual attitudes and practices among students of tertiary institutions in nasarawa state
  208. development and validation of adolescents’ youth–friendly reproductive health programme (ayfrhp) for adolescents in enugu state
  209. patterns of and prevention strategies for health risk behaviours among in- school adolescents in jigawa state, nigeria.
  210. sources of stress and stress management practices of healthcare professionals at national orthopaedic hospital in enugu east local government area of enugu state, nigeria
  211. prevalence of hypertension among pregnant women in nsukka urban, enugu state (2007 – 2011)
  212. emotional health problems and coping strategies of academic staff in universities in enugu state
  213. provision and utilization of physical education facilities and equipment in the secondary school in nkanu education zone
  214. development of reproductive health enhancement programme for in-school adolescents in akwa-ibom state, nigeria
  215. extent and patterns of utilization of insecticide treated bed nets among ante-natal and nursing mothers in udenu local government area of enugu state.
  216. physical fitness status of people attending recreation centres in gboko local government area of benue state.
  217. nigeria football federation and development of football in nigeria
  218. knowledge of and attitude to tuberculosis among community health extension workers in abia state
  219. evaluation of roll back malaria programme in igbo-eze south local government area of enugu state
  220. comparative effects of project and lecture methods on secondary school students’ academic achievement in economics
  221. the effect of simulation method on students achievement and retention in some concepts in government at senior secondaryschool in nsukka education zone
  222. effects of educational counselling and live modelling technique on academic achievement motivation of secondary school students
  223. development of digital resources preservation programme for effective service delivery in federal university libraries in nigeria
  224. assessment of the extent of students’ achievement of environmental contents of social studies in nsukka education zone of enugu state
  225. demographic variables as predictors of reproductive decision making of married persons in anambra state, nigeria
  226. effects of two training techniques of empathic responding on conflict reduction among secondary school adolescents
  227. family factors as predictors of academic achievement motivation among secondary schools students in north central zone of nigeria
  228. motivational factors and vocational preferences of secondary school adolescents in onitsha educational zone of anambra state
  229. librarians’ awareness and application of the copyright law in academic libraries in edo state of nigeria
  230. the influence of broken homes on academic achievement of secondary school students in nsukka education zone in enugu state
  231. influence of parental occupation and family status on students’ interest in junior secondary social studies in jigawa state
  232. university libraries support initiative for e-learning in north-central zone of nigeria
  233. evaluation of library services to users in theological institutions in the northwest and southwest regions of cameroon
  234. information needs and seeking behaviour of oil and gas company workers in bayelsa state – nigeria
  235. meta-analysis of research finding on the effects to discovery learning on students achievement in science
  236. influence of information literacy on academic staff productivity in universities in north central geo-political zone of nigeria.
  237. utilization of information and communication technology (ict) for reference services in federal university libraries in nigeria
  238. availability and use of electronic information resources and service delivery in university libraries in south-south nigeria
  239. assessment of the competencies of librarians in the use of ict for reference and information service in academic libraries in enugustate
  240. strategies for enhancing electronic collection development in selected university libraries in south east nigeria
  241. management of electronic resources in medical libraries in south south nigeria
  242. serials management in three university libraries in benue state
  243. delinquent readership problems in libraries of colleges of education in enugu and ebonyi states
  244. factors motivating women’sparticipation in adult literacy programmes in oji-river local government area of enugu state
  245. information needs of prisoners and resources provision through the prison library in south east zone of nigeria
  246. university of nigeria undergraduates’ knowledge of and attitude to climate change
  247. competencies possessed by library and information science students for entrepreneurship in three nigerian universities
  248. attitude and practice of health care professionals, regarding hiv and aids in abia state hospitals
  249. socio-demographic correlates of job satisfaction among secondary school sports amdinistrators in awka education zone of anambra state
  250. information needs and information provision to secondary school guidance counselors in enugu state
  251. alcohol use knowledge, attitude and practice among secondary school students in owerri north l.g.a of imo state
  252. effect of peer review technique on the achievement of students in english essay writing in secondary schools in odigbo local government area of ondo state
  253. extent and socio-demographic determinants of males’ involvement in family planning practices in ohafia local government area, abia state
  254. effects of two teaching methods on the achievement and attitude in biology of students of different levels of scientific literacy
  255. evaluation of onchocerciasis control programme in igboeze north local government area of enugu state
  256. competencies required by polytechnic librarians in north central states of nigeria
  257. case fatality of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids) at university of port harcourt teaching hospital (2003 – 2008)
  258. attitude of mothers attending antenatal clinics at general hospitals in anambra state towards cesarean delivery
  259. development and preliminary validation of economics interest inventory in schools
  260. information needs and information seeking behaviour of artisans in nsukka metropolis of enugu state.
  261. influence of age falsification on adjustment of teacher retirees in nsukka education zone, enugu state
  262. agency involvement in the development of primary school libraries in south east states of nigeria 1980-2010
  263. examination of software selection practices of two federal university libraries in south east nigeria
  264. assessment of reference and information services in state teaching hospital medical libraries in south east nigeria
  265. management of special collections in a period of reduced funding: a case study of nnamdi azikiwe library university of nigeria, nsukka
  266. utilization of information and communication technology (ict) in user services of federal university libraries in south east nigeria
  267. influence of ict literacy skills on its application for library use among academic librarians in south east nigeria
  268. effects of mode concept mapping and gender on students’ achievement in and attitude towards integrated science
  269. history and development of the nigerian school library association (nsla)
  270. disaster control measures in academic libraries in nasarawa state
  271. strategies for reducing the administrative problems facing technical colleges in anambra and imo states
  272. effect of different making schemes and scorers on students scores in mathematics
  273. the effectiveness of media and expository method in teaching and learning mathematics in ondo state secondary school
  274. development and validation of instrument for measuring job satisfaction among secondary school teachers in niger state
  275. process errors committed by senior secondary class three students while solving mathematical task on bearing
  276. teenage pregnancy patterns and associated factors in igbo-etiti lga of enugu state
  277. assessment of back of the book indexes in natural science books published in nigeria
  278. acquisition and utilization of library-oriented software packages in academic libraries in akwa ibom and cross river states
  279. teaching and learning needs for family life and hiv education curriculum implementation of secondary schools in obollo-afor education zone enugu state
  280. information needs and information dissemination to artisanal fishermen in selected communities in three local government areas of benue state
  281. attitude of undergraduate students towards the academic use of electronic information resources in two federal universities in enugu and anambra states.
  282. strategies for marketing library services in universities in south-east nigeria
  283. utilization of library resources by lecturers in university of agriculture, makurdi
  284. job satisfaction and job performance of library personnel of national library of nigeria
  285. development of library period programme for teaching information literacy skills in primary schools in nsukka.
  286. availability of library resources and research productivity in nigerian medical science research institutes
  287. assessment of reference services in academic libraries in benue state
  288. challenges lecturers and students encounter in the use of audiovisual resources in university libraries in anambra state
  289. consultancy services in first generation federal university libraries in nigeria.
  290. availability and use of grey literature for science and technology research in university libraries in south east,nigeria
  291. information needs and information-seeking behaviour of secondary school teachers in imo state
  292. development and preliminary validation of an instrument for assessment of psychomotor skills in physics
  293. knowledge, attitude and practice if national health insurance scheme (nhis) by federal civil servants (fcss) in abuja municipal area council (amac) federal capital territory (fct).
  294. job satisfaction among librarians in academic libraries in niger state, nigeria
  295. assessment of academic library collections in enugu state and its implications to the achievement of the millenium development goals (mdg) in nigeria
  296. information service delivery in public libraries in benue state
  297. training needs of librarians for the management of archives of university libraries in south east nigeria
  298. the conservation of library resources in three selected special libraries in lagos state, nigeria
  299. assessment of library resources in theological institutions in north central states of nigeria
  300. demographic characteristics of out-of-school adolescent substance abusers in aba south local government area of abia state
  301. evaluation of acquisition practices in polytechnic libraries in south-east nigeria
  302. evaluation of serial collections in medical libraries in imo state
  303. provision, utilization levels and trends of child health services in primary health care centres in enugu urban of enugu state
  304. job stress among staff in polytechnic libraries of north-central nigeria
  305. effect of guided discovery method on academic achievement and interest of senior secondary school students in foods and nutrition in nsukka education zone of enugu state
  306. job satisfaction and performance of librarians in federal university libraries in south east nigeria
  307. assessment of reference and information services to undergraduate students in federal university libraries in enugu and anambra states
  308. assessment of internet literacy skills of academic staff in two faculties in the university of nigeria, nsukka
  309. funding of university libraries in the south-east zone of nigeria.
  310. assessment of computer literacy among academic staff of nasarawa state university keffi and university of jos
  311. evaluation of child health care services in health facilities in nsukka urban of enugu state
  312. school plant maintenance as a determinant of secondary school principals’ effectiveness in afikpo education zone of ebonyistate
  313. meeting health information needs of people with hiv and aids through public library services in benue state
  314. utilization of information and communication technologies (icts) by students in federal university libraries in north- central zone of nigeria
  315. evaluation of nigeria certificate in education by distance learning system of national teachers institute in cross river state
  316. development of a training programme in beekeeping for poverty alleviation of rural farmers in enugu east agricultural zone of enugu state
  317. an investigation into the status of safety practices in wood workshops of technical colleges in niger state
  318. utilization of information and communication technology (ict) resources among polytechnic libraries in delta and edo states, nigeria
  319. ict competencies of library staff at the university of abuja, fct and university of jos, plataeu state.
  320. demographic correlates of recreational pursuits among students of federal colleges of education in north central zone of nigeria
  321. ict – based strategies for updating information services for agricultural research in nigerian university libraries
  322. extent of librarians’ motivation in public libraries in south-east nigeria
  323. information and communication technology training needs of librarians in university libraries in south – east nigeria
  324. availability, adequacy and utilization of child health services in primary health care centers in nsukka health district, enugu state
  325. utilization of dspace open source institutional repository software in university of jos, nigeria
  326. bibliometric analysis of postgraduate research reports in library and information science in nigerian universities
  327. immunization attitude and practice of mothers in lapai local government area of niger state
  328. appraisal of reference services in two public libraries – the fct city library wuse abuja and nassarawa state library, lafia
  329. management strategies for conflict resolution in federal and state universities in south-east nigeria
  330. effects of fieldwork on achievement and attitudes of secondary school students in environmental education in kogi state
  331. information and communication technology competencies needed by librarians in federal university libraries in south-east nigeria
  332. effects of ethnoscience based instructional model on students’ academic achievement and interest in senior secondary school biology.
  333. enhancing legislative commitments and reforms in technical vocational education and training (tvet) in the northeast zone of nigeria
  334. training methods for librarians in ict use in three federal universities in south-east nigeria
  335. effect of concept mapping on students’ achievememt and interest in selected concepts from organic chemistry
  336. development and validation of achievement test on environmental related physics concepts for senior secondary schools in kogi state
  337. effect of guided inquiry methods on students’ achievement and interest in basic science
  338. teachers’ perception of management of primary schools by the universal basic education board in delta state
  339. human resource management skills required for personnel administration in tertiary institutions in enugu state
  340. demographic characteristics as predictors of social competence and emotional intelligence of secondary school students in nsukka, enugu state, nigeria
  341. organization and use of student project-reports in the polytechnic libraries in north central zone of nigeria.
  342. modalities for improving the funding of primary schools by local government education authorities in bayelsa state
  343. improving principal-teacher relationship for effective communication in secondary schools in nsukka education zone of enugu state
  344. library stakeholders’ perception and involvements in information literacy initiatives (ili) in federal universities in north east, nigeria
  345. effects of cooperative and competitive learning modes on pre-nce students’ cognitive achievement in ecology using concept mapping
  346. path analysis of the influence of parental socio-economic status and home education environment on students’ academic achievement
  347. computer-aided instruction competencies possessed by business education teachers for teaching financial accounting in senior secondary schools in taraba state, nigeria.
  348. relationship among test anxiety, academic achievement and interest of senior secondary school students in geometry in enugu state
  349. information and communication technology (ict) literacy skills level of staff of national library of nigeria
  350. development and validation of economics achievement test for senior secondary school students.
  351. integration of cooperative education into senior secondary school agricultural science curriculum for enhancing students’ skill acquisition in ankpa education zone of kogi state.
  352. influence of information dissemination on the achievement of millennium development goals (mdgs) in kogi state, nigeria
  353. stress and its management among teachers in schools of health technology in enugu state
  354. effect of reflective inquiry instructional technique on students’ achievement in environmental related contents in senior secondary school geography
  355. influence of cognitive style and gender on students’ ‘achievement in selected areas of mathematics
  356. psychosocial factors of classroom environment and cognitive styles as correlates of students’ achievement in physics
  357. resource management competencies required by small and medium scale entrepreneurs in enugu state, nigeria
  358. application of collection development policies on academic libraries in north west, nigera
  359. cognitive styles and attitude to science of senior secondary school science students of different cognitive ability levels
  360. influence of cultural background on students interpersonal relationship in federal colleges of education in south-east geopolitical zone
  361. undergraduate students use of internet resources for research project in universities in north – central nigeria
  362. effects of two teaching methods on secondary school students’ achievement in writing and balancing chemical equations in nsukka education zone of enugu state
  363. establishment of hybrid library services in federal universities of the north-central zone of nigeria
  364. aristotle’s theory of education: it’s application to secondary schools in nnewi education zone of anambra state.
  365. assessment of supervisory roles of principals for quality education in public secondary schools in the federal capital territory abuja, nigeria
  366. assessment of quality control measures of nursery schools in rivers state, nigeria
  367. sibling relationships and social networking as correlates of adolescents’ adjustment in secondary schools in udi education zone of enugu state
  368. mathematics embedded in cultural practices of igala people
  369. information needs and access to rural women for community development in enugu north senatorial zone of enugu state
  370. development and validation of circulation software package for libraries in federal universities of north central, nigeria
  371. assessment of policy implementation on early childhood education in ogoja education zone, cross river state
  372. perception of parents on over-schooling of children at the pre-primary education in onitsha educational zone of anambra state
  373. students participation in administrative decision-making in the governance of universities in south-south nigeria
  374. impact of oil exploration on agricultural productivity in east senatorial district of bayelsa state nigeria
  375. assessment of school principals mentorship of subordinates in imo state secondary schools
  376. management of grey literature in academic libraries in niger state
  377. principals information management and secondary school administration in otuocha education zone of anambra state
  378. effect of multimedia technique on technical college students’ achievement in auto-mechanics in benue state, nigeria.
  379. assessment of public finance management practices in local government councils in enugu state
  380. strategies for enhancing pig production by small scale farmers in cross river statestress management practices among primary school teachers in education zone c of benue state
  381. entrepreneurial skills needed by students of electrical installation and maintenance works in the technical colleges in ondo state
  382. utilization of library-based websites for research by library and information science postgraduate students in selected federal universities in south-east nigeria
  383. book exhibition as a marketing strategy for library services in academic libraries in north – east nigeria
  384. acquisition of science process skills among senior secondary school students in enugu state of nigeria
  385. influence of apparel consumption and disposal patterns of families on the environment in enugu state
  386. awareness on the influence of macro-environmental forces on marketing activities of small scale business operators in oyo state
  387. identification of mathematical readiness level in junior secondary school class one students in anambra state
  388. application of latent trait models in the development and standardization of a physics achievement test for senior secondary students
  389. effects of constructivist instructional approach on senior secondary school students achievement and interest in mathematics
  390. disaster management in academic libraries in plateau state
  391. staff needs and training programmes of the national library of nigeria in the information age
  392. teachers’ knowledge base when teaching subjects in and out of their areas of certification: evidence in secondary school biology in benue state
  393. meeting the information needs of adult users of public libraries in south-east, nigeria
  394. welding and fabrication skills required for employment in rivers state.
  395. strategies for enhancing the teaching of foundry technology in colleges of education (technical) in north western states of nigeria
  396. accessibility and utilization of reference resources and services by students in colleges of education in anambra and enugu states of nigeria
  397. effect of drama on pupils’ information acquisition and attitude to social issues in primary schools in nsukka urban in nsukka local government area
  398. availability and utilization of information and communication technology (ict) facilities in colleges of education libraries in kano state nigeria
  399. comparative study of the reading habits of theological and management students of st. paul’s university college, awka.
  400. analysis of production performance and profitability of pig farms in enugu state, nigeria
  401. development and validation of computer aided testing module for technical drawing in akwa 
  402. entrepreneurial competencies required by technical college refrigeration and air – conditioning graduates for establishing small and medium scale enterprises in federal capital
  403. evaluation of metal work trades of the vocational training programmes of prison inmates in plateau state
  404. capacity building needs of teachers of fabrication and welding engineering craft practice for effective teaching in technical colleges in ondo and ekiti states
  405. snail production in bayelsa state, nigeria: technologies, productivity and enhancement measures
  406. combined effect of computer tutorial and drill on senior secondary school students’ achievement, interest, and retention in basic electronics in lagos state
  407. development of family law awareness programme for families in anambra state
  408. assessment of franchising practices adopted by oil and gas firms (total nigeria plc) as perceived by retail marketers in edo state
  409. influence of gender, school location and students’ attitude on academic achievement in basic technology in delta state
  410. skill improvement needs of teachers of agricultural education in soil conservation in colleges of education in south-eastern nigeria
  411. entry-level competencies required by retiring secondary school teachers in quail bird production in kogi state
  412. electronics works competencies required by electronics teachers for effective teaching in technical colleges in osun and oyo states
  413. corporate fraud control and prevention systems in commercial banks in enugu state, nigeria
  414. strategies for increasing gender equity in technical education in benue state, nigeria
  415. integration of indigenous agricultural knowledge and practices into nigeria certificate in education agricultural education curriculum
  416. effect of teacher constructed furnace on students’ performance in metal work technology in technical colleges in rivers state
  417. entrepreneurial competencies required by nce technical electrical/electronics graduates for establishing small scale business in plateau statesecondary school students study habits as correlates of their achievement in chemistry
  418. effect of integrating theory with practicals on students’ achievement in biology
  419. development and validation of a business communication training programme for small business operators in north east, nigeria
  420. effects of songs on pupils achievement and retention in some primary school mathematics
  421. skill improvement needs of electrical teachers for the maintenance of electrical laboratory equipment in technical colleges in kano state
  422. comparative effect of guided and structured inquiry techniques on the performance of technical college students in motor vehicle mechanic work in ekiti state
  423. administration and collection of value added tax (vat) in government parastatals in enugu and anambra states, nigeria
  424. innovations in building technology and curriculum revision needs for building construction programmes of colleges of education (technical)
  425. understanding of schistosomiasis (bilhaziasis) among senior secondary school students in endemic and non-endemic areas
  426. evaluation of vocational training programmes in reformatory institutions in northern nigeria
  427. competency improvement needs of electrical/electronic lecturers of polytechnics in north western nigeria
  428. skills improvement needs of automobile technicians for effective maintenance of modern automobile in plateau state
  429. effectiveness of some organic extracts (neem and garlic extracts) in the control of storage pests of grains
  430. entrepreneurial competency needs of secondary school graduates and farmers in commercial plantain production in abia and imo states
  431. strategies for enhancing safety practices in clothing and textiles laboratories in colleges of education in south east, nigeria.
  432. comparative analysis of agricultural science instructional resource utilization in public and private secondary schools in ankpa education zone of kogi state
  433. utilization of models as alternatives to tests for measuring skills in furniture-making in technical colleges
  434. effects of two constructivist instructional models on students’ achievement and retention in number and numberation
  435. strategies for improving practical projects in woodwork in colleges of education (technical) in north-western states of nigeria
  436. human resource management skills required by small business owners for successful operation in nasarawa state
  437. effect of demonstration technique on achievement of students in keyboarding in polytechnics in nasarawa state
  438. office skills training needs of nce business education lecturers in colleges of education in anambra and enugu states
  439. survey and documentation of local resources for teaching secondary school geography: implications for environmental education
  440. evaluating the relevance of ncce curriculum for nce (technical) programme in colleges of education in nigeria
  441. evaluation of the impact of national fadama ii project on rural development in kogi state, nigeria
  442. effects of information and communications technology (ict) on students’ achievement and interest in basic electricity
  443. safety practice skill requirements of electrical electronics graduates of polytechnics for effective workplace performance in manufacturing industries in imo state, nigeria
  444. development of skill modules for training farmers in organic fertilizer production from solid waste in abia state
  445. extent of utilization of direct marketing channels by manufacturing companies in anambra state, nigeria
  446. assessment of competencies possessed and demonstrated by technical college products employed in tertiary institutions in anambra state, nigeria
  447. marketing variables influencing the purchase of plastic building products by real estate developers in bayelsa state.
  448. evaluation of undergraduate chemistry education programme in the universities in north central education zone in nigerian
  449. effect of practical skills instructional guide on students’ performance in lathe machine operations in technical colleges in northern nigeria
  450. skill training modules for capacity building of teachers and youths in the fish industry in selected niger delta states, nigeria
  451. effect of models on interest and academic achievement of auto-mechanics students in technical colleges in lagos-state.
  452. assessment of skill development programmes offered to special needs learners in vocational rehabilitation centres in south west of nigeria.
  453. evaluation of higher national diploma animal production programme of colleges of agriculture in north-central nigeria
  454. effects of demonstration and problem solving methods of teaching on students’ achievement in agricultural science
  455. emotional intelligence as a correlate of in-school adolescents’ self-esteem and academic adjustment
  456. development and validation of an electronic learning (e- learning) programme for the digital empowerment of students in south-east, nigeria
  457. differential effects of three instructional methods on students’ performance in building technology in polytechnics in nigeria
  458. effect of cooperative learning strategy on achievementmotivation of low achieving students in readingcomprehension
  459. comparative effect of epodewalad and power simulation games on students achievement and interest in some environmental education concepts in geography
  460. comparative effects of two and three dimensional techniques of autocad on spatial ability, interest and achievement of national diploma students in engineering graphics
  461. perception of business education lecturers in colleges of education on the influence of retail store variables on impulse buying behaviour of consumers in north-west nigeria
  462. application of indigenous knowledge to sustainable agricultural production in enugu state: constraints and enhancement strategies.
  463. extent of utilization of computer software in teaching financial accounting in tertiary institutions in the north-east, nigeria
  464. exploring the problems and counseling needs of workers for occupational adjustment in industries in enugu state
  465. appraisal of women farmers’ participation in agricultural development project (adp) programmes in enugu state.
  466. effect of simulation on technical college auto-mechanics trade students’ academic achievement in benue state of nigeria
  467. entrepreneurship education and the enhancement of entrepreneurial skills among undergraduates in south-eastern federal universities, nigeria
  468. development of functional garments for physically challenged wheelclhair and bedridden females in benue state
  469. assessment of the effectiveness of industrial training fund in human resource development in nigeria
  470. comparative effect of kolb’s experiential learning model and gardner’s multiple intelligence learning model on students’ achievement and interest in auto-electricity
  471. assessment of the national open apprenticeship scheme of the national directorate of employment in north-central zone of nigeria
  472. appraisal of the administrative task areas and competencies required of colleges of education (technical) administrators in nigeria
  473. policy initiatives for improving the administration of technical teacher training programme (tttp) in nigeria
  474. development of a framework for the use of e-learning in teaching industrial technical education in nigerian universities
  475. development of retooling programme for operatives in the hotel industry in nigeria
  476. effects of analogy and conceptual-change instructional models on physics achievement of secondary school students
  477. contributions of small scale entrepreneurs in private sector development in enugu state, nigeria
  478. effect of guided scoring strategy on students’ achievement and interest in quadratic equations at senior secondary school level
  479. effects of peer learning in the study of commerce in senior secondary schools in delta state




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