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  1. Work-Family Balance among Women in selected Banks in Lagos State, Nigeria
  2. Psycho-Social Predictors of Mental Health among Orphans in Southwest Nigeria: Efficacy of Psycho-Education Intervention
  3. The Natural Environment in the Selected Poems of John Keats and Niyi Osundare: an Ecocritical Perspective
  4. Efficacy of Cognitive Restructuring and Behavioural Rehearsal on Conduct Disorder in Adolescents in Special Correctional Central in Lagos State
  5. La Disponibilite Morphologique De La Suffixation Agentive Du Francais
  6. The Natural Environment in the Selected Poems of John Keats and Niyi Osundare:an Eco-Critical Perspective
  7. L’ecrivain Comme Historien:Une Etude De Quelques Romans D’ahmadou Kourouma
  8. Postmodern Organization and Service Delivery in the Banking Industry in Lagos State,Nigeria
  10. Marital Roles and Career among Female Academics in Selected Universities in Lagos and Ogun State
  11. Reproductive Health Knowledge and Unsafe Induced Abortion among Female Adolescents un selected Communities in Badagry,Lagos State,Nigeria
  12. Critical Dialogue with Christian Narrative Literature
  13. Community Relations Strategies and Cnflict Resolution in the Niger Delta: A Study of Three Major Oil Companies
  14. Ethnic Militias and Sub-Nationalism in Nigeria: A Comparative Study of Massob and Opc
  15. Perceived Role of Entertainment Television in Shaping Social Behaviour of Teenagers
  16. Widowhood and Property Inheritance Among the Awori of Ogun State, Nigeria.
  17. Land Owners Patterns and The Economic Life of Women: A Study of Ozalla Cmmunity, Edo State, Nigeria
  18. Rural Women and Household Food Security in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State,Nigeria
  19. Coverage of Sexuality Issues in the Nigerian Print Media
  20. Socio-Cultural Barriers and Support in Healthy Choices among Pregnant Women in Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State
  21. A Grounded Theory Analysis of Mental Illness in the Life Course of Patients at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu
  22. A Factorial Validation of the Enugu Somatization Scale
  23. Neo-Liberal Socio-Economic Policy and Human Development in The Informal Sector of Lagos State
  24. Psychosocial Factors as Predictors of Marital Stability among Married Women in Private Universities in Ogun State
  25. A Comparative Study of Customers’ Reception of Customer Relations in Banks: A Study of Intercontiental Bank and Prudent Bank
  26. Socio-Cultural Factors in Entrepreneurial Event Formation: A Study of Niigerian Enrepreneurs.
  27. An Empirical Analysis of the Predictors of Workplace Absenteeism among Employees in Some Selected Organizations


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