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  1. A Comparative Analysis of the Problems of Post-Millitary Rule in Nigeria and Ghana: (1992- 2011)
  2. A Comparative Study of Opinions and Perceptions on Factors Affecting Human Trafficking in Imo and Edo States of Nigeria
  3. A Critical Analysis of Israeli-Palestinia Crisis, from George. W. Bush to Barak Obama Adminitraion
  4. A Critical Assesment of Politics and Diplomacy of Post-Gaddafi Libya
  5. A Critical Assessment of Political and Diplomacy of Post-Gaddafi Libya
  6. A Study of 2 Samuel 13:1-22: a Call for Effective Guidance And Counselling Among The Youths In Nigeria
  7. A Survey of Public Opinion on some Aspects of Social Change and Crime in Nigeria: a Study of Udi L.G.A. Of Enugu State Nigeria
  8. Abusive Supervision, Work Tension and Overload as Predictors of Counter Productive Work Behaviour.
  9. Access to Care and Support Services for people Living With Hiv/Aids in Enugu State
  10. Access to Primary Health Care Services and Child Mortality in Orumba North Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria
  11. Administration of Justice and Internal Party Democracy: a Study of 2007 People’s Democratic Party Gubernatorial Primary Election in Rivers State
  12. Africa and the United Nations Millennium Reforms: a Critical Appraisal
  13. Africa And Un Reforms: An Assessment Of Nigeria’S Quest For The Security Council Permanent Seat.
  14. African Command (Africom); The Politics And Implications For Nigeria’S Security And Strategic Development
  15. African Growth and Opportunity Act and Politics of Textile Production in Nigeria, 2000-2012.
  16. African Traditional Medicine Men and Christian Healing Ministries in Nigerian Contemporary Society: a Comparative Approach
  17. African Union and Conflict Resolution in Africa: a Case of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 2002-2010
  18. African Union and Resolution of the Post 2010-2011 Election Crisis in Cote D’ivoire.
  19. Agoa and African Underdevelopment, a Critical Analysis of a Major Contradictions
  20. Alleviating Poverty Through Community Action Since 1999: A Case Study Of Orsu L.G.A Imo State
  21. An Analysis of Diplomatic Relations Between Nigeria and European Union, 1999 – 2010
  22. An Analysis of Nigeria – United States Trade and Investment Relations, 2004 – 2012
  23. An Analysis of Nigeria- Us Relations, 1999-2009
  24. An Appraisal of Senior Staff Training and Development Scheme in Federal College of Education (Technical) Potiskum
  25. An Assessment of Institutional Mechanisms for Combating Corruption in Nigerian Public Service
  26. an assessment of the impact of budget implementation in the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  27. An assessment of the Strategies for Effective Human Resources Training and Utilization in the Nigerian Public Organization (A Case Study of UNN
  28. An Assessment Of The Strategies For Effective Human Resources Training And Utilization In The Nigerian Public Organization (A Case Study Of Unn)
  29. An Empirical Analysis of Purchasing Power Parity: A Case Study of Two Anglophone Ecowas Members
  30. An Empirical Analysis of The Relationship Between Exchange Rate And Stock Prices in Nigeria
  31. An Evaluation Of Alternative Energy Resources In Nigeria: A Study Of The Research On New Energy Technologies By The Energy Centre, University Of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  32. An Evaluation of the Concepts of Human Rights And Equality Among The Tiv People of Benue State, Nigeria
  33. An Evaluation of the Judiciary as a Major Plank of Criminal Justice System in Nigeria: A Study of Enugu State
  34. Analysis of Multidimensional Poverty and Inequality in Nigeria:Evidence from the Welfare Indicator Survey Data
  35. Assessment of Administrative Management Processes Multinational Organizations in Nigeria: A Case Study of Coca-Cola Company, Nigeria, Enugu Plant
  36. Assessment of Spirituality in Decision-Making in Private and Public Organisations in Anambra State, Nigeria
  37. Associated Gas Flaring and Re-Injection Policy-Making and Implementation in Nigeria (1960-2010)
  38. Attitude Towards Bride Price, Educational Status and Socio- Economic Status as Factors Determining Self-Esteem Among Igbo Women in Enugu State
  39. Attribution Style, Self-Esteem and Marital Status as Predictors of Life Satisfaction
  40. Baiyeri, Hezekiah Banji Belief in Reincarnation among the Igbo of Nigeria: a Challenge to Christianity
  41. Boko Haram Insurgency and Nigeria’S Relations with United States, 2009 – 2014
  42. Brain Drain and National Development in Nigeria
  43. Budget Implementation and the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) – Related Programmes in Anambra State, Nigeria (2004 – 2010)
  44. By Problems and Prospects Of Community Development In Ebonyi State
  45. Capacity Building as a Strategy for Enhancing Development in Ekeremor Local Government in Bayelsa State of Nigeria
  46. Challenges of Waste Management in Lagos State. A Case Study of Lagos State Waste Management Authority
  47. Child Labour in the Nigerian Society: a Case Study of Nsukka Urban
  48. Christianity and Autochthonous Burial Rites among The Ovim Igbo: a Study in Cultural Change in an Igbo Sub-group of South-Eastern Nigerian
  49. Civil Society Organization and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria and Ghana, 2003 – 2013
  50. Civil Society Organizations And The Monitoring Of 2007 General Elections In Enugu State: A Case Study Of The Civil Liberties Organization (CLO)
  51. Climate Change and Political Conflict in Africa: Focus on Migration and Refugees in the Continent
  52. Coalitions and Instability: a Comparative Analysis of the NCNC/NPC Alliance and the NPN/NPP Accord in Nigeria
  53. Commercialization and Workers’ Remuneration: a Study of Nigeria Ports Plc (NPPLC) Lagos
  54. Commonwealth Integration And Nigeria’S Foreign Policy, 1999-2007
  55. Community Participation and Rural Development in Ihe-Owere, Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, 2012-2014
  56. Community Participation In Rural Development In Nigeria; The Case Of Igbo-Eze South L.G.A (1999-2010)
  57. Comparative Analysis of Federalism and Natural Resource Management in Nigeria and South Africa (1960-2010)
  58. Competency Improvement Needs Of Farmers In Soil Conservation In Kogi State
  59. Conflict Management And Crises Of Development In Africa: A Case Study Of The United Nations Management Of Darfur Crises
  60. Contemporary Strategy And Nigeria’S Defence Policy: A Critical Study Of The Joint Task Force In Niger Delta
  61. Contributions of Qua Iboe Church (United Evangelical Church) to National Development
  62. Coping behaviour among family members of terminally Ill patients: a case study of Nnewt town in Anambra State
  63. Corruption And Performance Of Public Corporations In Nigeria (A Case Study Of PHCN)
  64. Corruption and Public Accountability in Local Government administration in Nigeria: A case study of Southern Ijaw Local Government 1999-2010, Bayelsa State.
  65. Corruption, University Governance and Development: A Case Study of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (2001-2011)
  66. Culturally Defined Equity Response and Delay- Outcome Index in the Management of Childhood Fevers Among Mbaise People of Southeastern Nigeria: Implications for Malaria Control in Nigeria
  67. Decomposition Analysis of Inequalities in Household Consumption Expenditure in Nigeria
  68. Democratisation and National Development: a Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and South Korea, 1999 To 2000
  69. Determinaants of Real Exchange Rate in Nigeria (1975-2009)
  70. Determinants of import demand for Cameroon 1968-88
  71. Determinants of Nigeria’s Non-Oil Import Demand
  72. Developing Effective Communication in the Management of Nigeria Public Organization: Case Study of the National Plectric Power Authority, Abia State.
  73. Developmental Implications of Early Marriage in Nigera: A Study of Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area.
  74. Domestic Macroeconomic Policies and Private Fixed Capital Formation in Nigeria: A Var Approach
  75. Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy Dynamics in Nigeria: an Appraisal of Obasanjo’S Administration, 1999 – 2003
  76. Dominance, Educational Level and Child-Sex as Predictors of Marital Conflict in Nsukka LGA.
  77. Drug Abuse among Undergraduates of University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  78. Economic Dependency And Underdevelopment In Africa: The Nigerian Perspectives, 2000-2010
  79. Economic Diplomacy And Conduct Of Nigeria’S External Relations: Analysis Of The National Economic Empowerment And Development Strategy (NEEDS)
  80. Economic Diplomacy and Nigeria – China Relations (1999-2007
  81. Economic Planning And Management in Nigeria: a Comparative Analysis of SAP And NEEDS
  82. Economic Planning And Management On Nigeria: A Comparative Analysis Of SAP and NEEDS
  83. Economic Reform and National Development: A Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and China, 1999 – 2010
  84. ECOWAS and Arms Control in West Africa; a Focus on the Niger-Delta Amnesty
  85. Ecumenism in Nigeria: the Roman Catholic contribution
  86. Effective Leadership and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of National Youth Service Corps (Nysc) Kogi State
  87. Effectiveness of Government Intervention Strategies and Youth Unemployment in Kogi state, Nigeria 2000-2010
  88. Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Stimulating Economic Growth in Nigeria
  89. Effects of Cognitive Style and Context On Creativity
  90. Effects of Context, Cognitive Style and Gender on Problem Solving
  91. Effects of Dividend Policy on Sharing Price of UBA stock: 1979-1993
  92. Effects of Ethnic Nationalism on Internal Security in the Niger Delta Region (1999-2014)
  93. Effects of Imagery, Cognitive Style and Gender on Prospective and Retrospective Memory
  94. Effects of mental imagery, reward and gender on creativity
  95. Effects of Punishment Threats and Reward on Social Loafing
  96. Efficiency And Effectiveness In Public Institutions Through Performance Appraisal: A Focus Of The Anambra State Water Corporation (1999 – 2008)
  97. Efficient Market Hypothesis (Emh) and Nigerian Capital Market: an Analysis of Bonus Issues and Dividend Announcement.
  98. Election Planning, Administration And Management In Nigeria (1999 – 2010)
  99. Electoral Malpractices and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria: a Study of the 2007 Presidential Election
  100. Electoral Process And Political Participation In Nkanu West L.G.A. Of Enugu State During The 2011 Elections
  101. Electoral Violence in Nigeria: The Case of Anambra State Gubernatorial Elections (2003 and 2007)
  102. Empirical Analysis of Wage Differentials Among Public Servants in Nigeria
  103. Empirical Evidence of Export Responses to Exchange Rate Volatility in Nigeria
  104. Employee Performance Evaluation And Implementation in Federal College of Education (Technical), Potiskum
  105. Employee Work Empowerment as Predictor of Role Innovation and Organizational Trust
  106. Enforcement Of Environmental Protocols And Reduction Of Greenhouse Emission: A Case Study Of Bayelsa State.
  107. Entrepreneurship In Rural Development: A Study of Selected Local Government Areas In Bayelsa State
  108. Ethics in Public Sector Organizations: A Survey of Bayelsa State
  109. Ethnic and Religious Conflicts in Kaduna and Plateau States: Implications for Development in Nigeria
  110. Ethnicity And Voters’ Behaviour: A Comparative Study Of Ghana And Nigeria, 2003-2008
  111. Ethnopsychiatry of the Nsukka Igbo Of Southeastern Nigeria: an Ethnographic Survey
  112. Ethnopsychiatry of the Nsukka-igbo of Southeastern Nigeria: an Ethnographic Survey
  113. EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA): Implications for Government Revenue,Output Volatility and Income Inequality in Nigeria- An Integrated Model
  114. European Union and Challenges of Africa’s Development: a Critical Appraisal, 1999-2010
  115. Evaluation of Modern Evangelization Strategies in Christianity: 1990-2010
  116. Evaluation of Robert Nozick’s Entitlement Theory
  117. Evaluation of Social Services Delivery at the Local Government Level on Abia State: A Case Study of Umuahia North Local Government
  118. Evaluation of The Buddhas Solution to Human Suffering
  119. Evaluation of The Deregulation of The Downstream Sub-Sector of The Nigerian Petroleum Industry (2003-2012)
  120. Evaluation of the Role Of Security Agencies in 2011 General Elections in Nigeria
  121. Exchange Rate Variations and Remittances to Nigeria:1980-2010
  122. External Debt and Crisis of Development in Africa: Nigerian Experience 1999-2007
  123. External Debt and Economic Development in Africa: the Nigerian Experience, 1999-2013
  124. Failed States Pandemic And International Terrorism: A Comparative Study Of Nigeria And Afghanistan
  125. Family Instability and Juvenile Delinquency: A Study of Owerri Municipality
  126. Federal Government Programmes and Health Status in Nigeria (2004 – 2008) (A Case Study of Kogi State)
  127. Female Legislators in the Nigerian National Assembly and the Promotion of Policies that Empower Women, (1999 – 2009)
  128. Female Trafficking as Organized Crime in Nigeria: A Study of Public Perception in Onitsha, Anambra State
  129. Financial Accountability, Stores Custody And Control In Anambra State Local Government System (2003 – 2011)
  130. Financial Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria
  131. Financial Managment in Nigerian tertiary Institutions: A Case Study of the Kogi State College of Education Ankpa.
  132. Foreign Aid and Poverty Dynamics in Africa
  133. Foreign Debt Management and Nigeria’S Debt Profile 1999-2007: a Critical Analysis
  134. Foreign Investment And Employment Creation In Nigeria 2004-2010
  135. Foreign Private Investment, Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Nigeria, Nsukka
  136. Fuel Subsidy and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria (1990 – 2012)
  137. Fuel Subsidy Removal and National Development in Nigeria: 1999 – 2012
  138. Gas Industry in Nigeria: Production, Utilization and the Impact on the Economy
  139. Gender Sensitivity in Nigerian Federal Governance and the Effects on Affirmative Action Since 1999
  140. Global Food Crisis And Challenges Of African Political Economy
  141. Globalised Financial Flows, Capital Market Deepening, and Economic Growth: the Nigerian Experience
  142. Globalization and Conflict Management in Africa: an Analysis of Peacekeeping Operations in Cote D’Ivoire and Sudan
  143. Globalization And Democratization In North Africa: A Critical Analysis Of The 2011 Libyan Crisis
  144. Globalization and Political Stability in Nigeria (1990 – 2010)
  145. Godfatherism and Official Corruption in the Public Sector – a Case Study of the State/ Local Government Joint Account System in Enugu State (May 1999 – May 2007).
  146. Governance and Human security in Anambra State (1999 – 2007)
  147. Governance And Human Security In Anambra State, 1999-2007
  148. Government Policy On Technology Acquisition and Development In Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO), 1980-1990
  149. Government/Labour Relations in Enugu State, Nigeria (2007-2012)
  150. Gulf of Guinea and Security Challenges: the Nigerian Experience
  151. Hans-Georg Gadamer on Prejudice and the Transmodern Project
  152. Health Locus of Control and Perceived Autonomy Support as Predictors of Health Behaviors of Hypertensive Patients
  153. Hermeneutics of Exousia and the Evangelical Mandate in Matthew’s Gospel: Dialectics of Socio-Political Transformation for the Church in Africa.
  154. How Corruption Works In The Ekeremor Local Government Area Since Its Creation
  155. Human Capital Development and Millennium Development Goals (Mdgs) in Rivers State; 2003 – 2008
  156. Human Capital Development and Utilization in Public Corporations (A Case Study Of Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (Phcn), Ugbowo Business District, Benin City)
  157. Human Capital Investment and Poverty Reduction Nexus in Nigeria
  158. Human Capital Investmet and Poverty in Nigeria
  159. Human Resource Development And Utilization In The Nigerian Civil Service: A Case Study Of Enugu State Civil Service (2000 – 2010)
  160. Human Resource Management In The Anambra State Command Of The Nigeria Police Office.
  161. Human resources development and motivation in the national electric power authority(NEPA) of Nigeria: a study of the eastern zones
  162. Human Resources Development And Utilization In Nigeria Public Service: A Case Study Of Enugu State Sports Council
  163. Human Resources Management in Nigeria Local Government System (A Case Sudy of Igbo-Etiti and Uzo-Uwani Local Government Areas in Enugu
  164. Human Resources Management in Nigerian Local Government System: A Case Study of Selected Local Governments in Enugu State
  165. Human Resourses’ Training and Development and Workers’ Productivity (A Case Study of Mercedez Benz-Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company Emene, Enugu)
  166. Impact of E-Management on Human Resource Development in the Central Bank of Nigeria, 1999-2009
  167. Impact Of Financial Control Mechanisms On Local Government Autonomy In Delta State, Nigeria. (1999 – 2008).
  168. Impact of Foreign Aid on Saving in Nigeria
  169. Impact of Staff Trianing in the Productivity of Workers in Public Sectorin Nigeria: A Case Study of Personnel Services Department University of Nigeria, Nsukka From 2000-2010
  170. Impact of Training on Productivity in Enugu State Civil Service, 1999 – 2006
  171. Impacts of Trade openness and Technology Transfer on Economic Growth and Total Factor Productivity in Nigeria
  172. Implications Of Public/Private Partnership Policy For Infrastructural Development In Southeast Nigeria Under Goodluck Jonathan
  173. Implications of the 2003 U.S. Iraq War For Nigerian Foreign Policy
  174. Implications of the Law of the Sea for African Territorial Waters and High Seas: A Case Study of Nigeria’s Marine Policy 1960-1998
  175. Increasing Wave of Violent Crimes in Abia State: the Role of The Church
  176. Inculturation in African Independent Churches in Igboland 1960-2007
  177. India-Pakistani Relations for Asian Peace in the New Millennium.
  178. Influence of Alcohol Use, Religiosity and Educational Attainment On Marital Distress
  179. Influence of Family Socio-Economic Status, Gender and School Location On Students Perception of Examination Malpractice.
  180. Influence of Gender and Self – Esteem On Depression Among Diabetic Patients
  181. Influence of Parenting Style, Locus of Control and Self-Efficacy on Teenage Pregnancy in Markurdi
  182. Influence of Parents’ Educational Level, Type of School and Gender On Adolescents’ Social Competence in Uyo
  183. Influence of Perceived Organizational Support and Self Efficacy On Burnout Among Nurses
  184. Influence of Personality, Work Experience and School-Type on the Attitude of Teachers Towards Inclusive Education
  185. Influence of Responsibility and Gender in Problem Solving
  186. Influence of Self Disclosure, Perceived Stigma, and Social Support On Students’ Attitudes and Intentions to Seek Counseling
  187. Influence of Social Support and Gender on Depressive Symptoms Among Orthopaedic Patients
  188. Institutional Quality and Stock Market Development in Nigeria – An Application of the Ardl Approach
  189. Instiutional Reforms And Economic Growth Performance in Nigeria
  190. Integrated Strategies of Crime Control in Contemporary Nigeria: a Study of Onitsha South Local Government Area of Anambra State
  191. Inter-generalization trends in age at first marriage and fertility change in Enugu State Nigeria
  192. International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) And Post Conflict Peace Building Process In Liberia 2003-2013
  193. International Terrorism and National Security in Nigeria: A Case Study of Boko-Haram
  194. Interpersonal Injustice and Job Complexity as Predictors of Workplace Aggression
  195. Job Position and Personality Characteristics as Predictors of Job Satisfaction in Federal Ministry of Education Enugu.
  196. Knowledge and Use of Contraceptive Methods among Youth in Abuja Meteopolis
  197. Knowledge of infant nutritional needs in Enugu state: Implications for child health in Nigeria.
  198. Labour And Economic Reforms In Nigeria; Case Study Of Federal Government Deregulation Of Petroleum Prices (1999-2005
  199. Labour And Economic Reforms In Nigeria; Case Study Of Federal Government Deregulation Of Petroleum Prices (1999-2005)
  200. Labour and the Downstream Petroleum Products Pricing in Nigeria, 2003-2010
  201. Leadership and Human Resource Development in the Nigerian Local Government System: A Study of Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria
  202. Leadership and Organisational Performance (A Case Study of State Primary Education Board, Kogi State
  203. Leadership and Public Policy Making Process in Nigeria. A Case Study of Chimaroke Nnamani Administration. (1999-2007)
  204. Liberal Democracy and Democratization in Anambra State, Nigeria, 1999- 2007: an Assessment.
  205. Local Government And Rural Development In Nigeria: a Case Study Of Emohua Local Government Area Of Rivers State 1996 – 2010
  206. Local Government Service Commission And Staff Development In The Local Government System In Nigeria: A Study Of Enugu State Local Government Service Commission, 1999-2009.
  207. Lower Anambra Irrigation Project And Food Security In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Ayamelum L.G.A. In Anambra State 2007-2011
  208. Macroeconomic Variables, Volatility and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1970-2005)
  209. Management of Industrial Conflicts in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions (A Study of Federal Polytechnical Oko 2004-2012
  210. Management of Industrial Conflicts in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions (A Study of Federal Polytechnical Oko 2004-2012)
  211. Management of Public Enterprises in Nigeria: A Case Study of Nta, Awka
  212. Management of Revenue and Expenditure at the Local Government Level: A Case Study of Izzi Local Government Area (1998-2007).
  213. Management of Solid Watse Disposal in Nigeria A Case Study of Enugu State Waste Management Authority (Eswama)
  214. Management of Waste Disposal In Enugu Metropolis: A Case Study of Enugu State Waste Management Authority (Eswama)
  215. Manpower Development and Productivity in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria: a study of Kogi state College of Education, Ankpa
  216. Manpower Development and the Performance of Civil ServantsiIn Anambra State, Nigeria, 1996-2006
  217. Manpower Development and Utilization in the Local Government System in Nigeria: A Case Study of Uzo- Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State (2002-2010)
  218. Manpower Development And Utilization In The Local Government System In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Uzo- Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State (2002-2010).
  219. Manpower Planning and Development in the Nigerian Banking Sector: A Case Study of Oceanic Bank Plc Nsukka Branch
  220. Manpower Training and Development in Nigeria Public Enterprises: The Case Study of Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company Ltd (Anamco)
  221. Manpower Training And Utilization In Public Organiations: A Case Study Of Nsukka Local Government Area Of Enugu State (1999-2010)
  222. Manpower Training And Utilization In The Nigeria Immigration Service, Calabar Command, 1999-2014.
  223. Marital Communication, Sexual Satisfaction and Emotional Intelligence as Predictors of Marital Conflict
  224. MDGs and Women Empowerment In Nigerian Politics
  225. Mediation as an Alternative Method of Conflict Resolution in Nigeria (A Study of Citizens’ Rights and Mediation Centre, Enugu)
  226. Mid-Point Assessment of Goal one (Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger) of Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria: 2000-2007
  227. Moderating Role of Emotion Regulation on Relationship of Event Centrality and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms among Internally Displaced Tiv Persons
  228. Money Supply and Inflation Dynamics: A Critical Appraisal of Milton Friedmans Hypothesis in Nigeria
  229. Motivation and Performance in Enugu State Civil Service: A Case Study of Enugu State Ministry of Health
  230. Motivation and Performance in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (Esut), 1999 to 2007
  231. MultiDimentionality of Poverty in Nigeria: A Fuzzy Set Approach
  232. NATO and The Politics Of Humanitarian Intervention In Libya
  233. Neoliberal Reform and Food Security in Ebonyi State, 1999 -2013
  234. NEPAD and Poverty Eradication Programme In Nigeria
  235. Niger Delta Development Commission And Socio-Economic Development Of Rivers State, Nigeria, 2000 – 2008
  236. Nigeria – United States Strategic Oil Relations In The Gulf Of Guinea
  237. Nigeria And South Africa: A Critical Analysis of Two Twenty-First Century Political Economies
  238. Nigeria and the Implementation of the World Court Judgement on the Land and Maritime Boundary Dispute Between Cameroon and Nigeria.
  239. Nigeria China Trade Relation And Industrial Development In Nigeria 1999-2010.
  240. Nigeria-China Economic Relations, 2000-2010
  241. Nigeria-China Trade Relations and Economic Development in Nigeria, 2001-2013
  242. Nigeria’S Contributions to Democratization in Sierra Leone, 1995-2005
  243. Nigerian Leadership Style: Obstacle to Nation-building and Development. A Case Study of Obasanjo’s Administration (1999- 2007)
  244. Obstacles to the Development of Ibaji Local Government. A Way Forward
  245. Oil And National Development In Ghana
  246. Oil and National Development in Ghana, 2007-2014.
  247. Oil Exploitation and Challenges of Development in the Niger Delta Region
  248. Oil Politics and Nigeria-United States Relations, 1999-2007
  249. Oil Price Shocks And Oil Sector Stocks Prices in Nigeria
  250. Oil Resources Management and Illegal Oil Bunkering in Niger Delta, Nigeria, 1999-2011
  251. On Role of Emotional Labour, Gender, and Age Employee Affective Wellbeing
  252. Optimism, Coping Behavior and Gender as Predictors of Psychological Health of Flood Victims in Kogi State.
  253. Optimizing Manpower Utilization through Personnel Motivation in State Secondary Education Board – Ebonyi State.
  254. Organization Commitment,Gender-Role Ideology and Personality Type as Predictors of Work-Family Conflict in Plateau State Tertiary Institutions.
  255. Parent-Child and Teacher-Pupil Relationships as Predictors of Academic Motivation and Achievement Among School Children
  256. Parenting Styles and Gender as Predictors of Disposition Towards Antisocial Behaviour
  258. Participatory Decision- Making; A ‘Tool; for Reengineering Organisational Performance A Case Study Guinness Nigeria, PLC, Benin.
  259. Peacekeeping in Africa: A Case Study of ECOMOG Intervention in Liberia
  260. Perceived Insecurity, Distress Disclosure and Social Support as Predictors of Posttraumatic Growth among Internally Displaced Persons in Plateau State
  261. Perceived Stress Reactivity, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence as Predictors of Psychological Health among Psychiatric Patients’ Caregivers
  262. Perception of aging and knowledge of aging issues amog the Nigerian youth:implication for social policy
  263. Performance Appraisal and Productivity in Abia State Polytechnic, Aba (2007-2011)
  264. Personality and Social Support as Predictors of Life Satisfaction
  265. Personality Differences and Coping Strategies in Stress Symptomatology among Pregnant Women in Enugu Metropolis
  266. Personality Type, Parenting Style and Socio Economic Status as Predictors of Adolescents Delinquency Behaviour
  267. Personnel Recruitment In Public Organization: A Case Study Of Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, 1999-2010.
  268. Police-Public Relation:A case study of Anambra State Police Command
  269. Policy Formulation: A Case Study Of The Employee Compensation Act, 2010
  270. Political Crisis and Regional Integration In Africa: a Case Study of Rwanda
  271. Political Economy of Boko Haram And Political Instability In Nigeria; 2009-2011
  272. Political Economy Of Corruption And Regulatory Agencies In Nigeria: A Focus On The Economic And Financial Crime Commission (Efcc), 2000-2010
  273. Political Economy Of Crude Oil Production And Nigeria’S Downstream Sector
  274. Political Economy Of Food Security In Nigeria: 1999 – 2010
  275. Political Economy of Nigeria-China Relations (1999 – 2013)
  276. Political Economy of Resource Control and Federalism in Nigeria: a Case of Niger Delta Region Between 1999 and 2011
  277. Political Leadership And Poverty Eradication In Benue State: A Focus On The Benue State Economic Empowerment Development Strategy Programme, 1999 – 2007.
  278. Political Parties And National Integration: A Comparative Analysis of Political Parties in the Second Republic (1979-1983) and Fourth Republic (1999-2003)
  279. Political Recruitment and Local Government Administration in Enugu State, Nigeria, 1999 – 2005
  280. Politics Of Economic Reforms In Nigeria: a Comparative Analysis Of The Needs And SAP.
  281. Politics of Food Aid and Food Crises in Africa: the Zimbabwean Experience
  282. Politics of Staff Recruitment in and Selection the Nigeria Local Government System: a Case Study of Enugu State Local Government Service Commission (1999-2010)
  283. Poor Policy Implementation in Nigeria: Implications on the Attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015.
  284. Power Sector Reforms and the Management of Transition Challenges in Enugu Electricity Distribution Company
  285. Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Abuse among Victims of Flood Disaster in Markurdi Local Government Area, Benue State
  286. Privatization of Public Enterprises and the Working Class in Nigeria
  287. Problem Of Internal Revenue Generation In The Local Government System In Nigeria: A Case Study of Aninri Local Government Area of Enugu State.
  288. Problems of Economic Planning and Management Under President Goodluck Jonathan
  289. Problems Of The United Nations Peacekeeping Operations In Africa: A Critical Analysis Of The Congolese Question. 1960-2011
  290. Psychological Contract Breach, Work-Family Conflict and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Pro-Social Behaviour of Bank Employees
  291. Psychological Empowerment, Organizational Justice and Abusive Supervision as Predictors of Work Engagement
  292. Public Perception of Drug Addiction and its Socio-economic Implications in Nigeria: a Study of Enugu Urban
  293. Public Perception of Employees’ Performance In Social Welfare Agencies in Nigeria: A Study of Enugu State
  294. Public Reception On Independent National Electoral Commission And Voters Registration Exercise In Enugu State
  295. Public Sector Reforms and Performance of Public Corporations: the Case of PHCN (1999 – 2007)
  296. Public-Private Partnership and Infrastructural Development in Abia State, Nigeria, 2007-2014
  297. Radical Ethnic Organizations In 21st Century Nigeria: A Critical Analysis Of The National Question
  298. Recruitment and Selection in Public Organizations In Nigeria: A Case Study of University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  299. Recruitment, Selection And Placement In Public Sector Establishments In Nigeria: A Study Of The Federal Polytechnic, Idah.
  300. Relationship Between Health Beliefs and Breast Self Examination Among Female Workers in Owerri
  301. Religion in a Scientific and Technological Era: the Nigerian Experience
  302. Religion: a Healing Balm for Victims of Protracted Terminal Diseases in Nigeria.
  303. Religiosity, Parental Monitoring and Gender as Predictors of Social Competence among Secondary School Adolescents
  304. Repositioning of Women for Effective Participation in Politics: A Study of South- East Geo- Political Zone Of Nigeria
  305. Resilience, Social Support and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms Among Adult Trauma Victims
  306. Resources Generation And Management In Public Institutions In Nigeria: A Case Study Of The Ministry For Local Government And Chieftaincy Affairs, Kogi Stat
  307. Robert Nozicks Entitlement Theory of Justice And The Crisis in The Niger Delta, Nigeria
  308. Role of Communication, Age and Education in Marital Conflict
  309. Role Of Personality Types, Gender and Locality in Self-Report Of Hiv/Aids Stigmatization
  310. Role of Shift Work, Marital Status and Age on Work Stress Among Nurses in Public Hospitals
  311. Safety Practices and Accident Proneness of Artisans in Enugu State: The Moderating Effects of Attribution Style
  312. Self Disclosure and Health Related Quality of Life of Hiv Infected Individuals in Enugu State of Nigeria
  313. Self-Efficacy, Peer Pressure and Gender as Predictors of Altruism among Adolescents
  314. Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness as Predictors of Security Consciousness Among Youths
  315. Self-Esteem, Personality-type and Gender as Factors in Self-Disclosure of Persons Living with Hiv/Aids
  316. Socio- Economic & Cultural Factors in the Incidence & Prevalence of Water- Borne Diseases Among Riverine Communities of Anambra State
  317. Socio-cultural and Religious Implications of Mixed Marriage in Nsukka Area of Enugu State
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  319. Socio-cultural Factors Affecting Maternal Health: a Study of Owukpa Community, Ogbadigbo L.G.A., Benue State and Obolloeke Community, Udenu L.G.A., Enugu State.
  320. Socio-Cultural Factors Associated With Awareness And Management of Vesico-Vaginal Fistula (VVF)In Ebonyi State,Nigeria
  321. Socio-Cultural Factors in the Use of Health Care Services in Nsukka Town
  322. Socio-cultural factors influencing maternal mortality in Njikoka local government area of Anambra State, Nigeria
  323. Staff Motivation and Discipline in Hospitals: A Sase study of Seventh Day Adventist Hospital Aba.
  324. Staff Motivation and Productivity in Emenite Limited, Emene, Enugu State (2008-2012).
  325. Staff Recruitment, Selection and Placement Policy under a Presidential System of Government: A Case Study of Ebony State Civil Service. 1998-2000
  326. Staff Training And Development Programme In Enugu State Public Service, 1998 – 2007: A Performance Appraisal Of Institute Of Management And Technology (Imt), Enugu
  327. Staff Training and Development Programme in Enugu State Public service, 1998 – 2007: a Performance Appraisal of Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), EnuguStaff Training and Development Programme in Enugu State Public service, 1998 – 2007: a Performance Appraisal of Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu
  328. Staff Training and Utilization in Nigerian Civil Service: a Case Study of the Ministry of Agriculture, Enugu
  329. Staff Welfare and Productivity in Nigerian University: A Case Study of University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  330. Staff Welfare and Productivity in Nigerian university: Case Study of University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  331. State and Conflict Resolution in the Niger Delta: a Focus on the Amnesty Programme of the Nigerian Government
  332. Structural Adjustment in Nigeria and Ghana: A Relative efficiency analysis.
  333. Study of Mikhail Bakunns Concept of Power And Authority
  334. Study of the Liberian Civil War
  335. Suicide In Albert Camus Existentialist Philosophy
  336. Technical Change and Productivity in the Manufacturing Industry in Imo state of Nigeria
  337. Technology Transfer And International Politics: A Case Study Of Ajaokuta Steel Project (2000-2008)
  338. Temporality in Martin Heidegger
  339. Terrorist Bombing In Nigeria: A Critical Analysis Of Its Socio-Political Roots From 2000 – 2011
  340. The adaptation of migrants to Owerri urban conditions
  341. The Catholic Church and Human Development in the Catholic Diocese of Otukpo
  342. The Church and Democracy: a Case Study of Rev. Fr. Moses Adasu of Benue State Nigeria
  343. The Church and Harmful Traditional Practices against the Rights of Women among the Nsukka People of Nigeria
  344. The Concept of Paul Taylor’s Biocentric Ethics
  345. The Concept of Right in The Political Philosophy of Hegel
  346. The Contributions of Sacred Specialists to Igbo Traditional Religion
  347. The Degenerating Level of Morality in Abor, Enugu State Nigeria
  348. The Determinants of Foreign Reserves in Nigeria
  349. The Determinants of Health Insurance in Nigeria
  350. The Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on Manufacturing output in Nigeria
  351. The effect of family responsibilities on the work Commitment of Professional Women Workers
  352. The Effect of Public Health Spending on Maternal Mortality in Nigeria
  353. The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Under Flexible Exchange Rate Regime in Nigeria
  354. The Effects Of Conflicts In Africa: A Study Of Democratic Republic Of Congo
  355. The Effects of Multiple Taxation on Small-Scale Enterprises in Ebonyi State
  356. The Effects of Recruitment and Selection Procedures on the Efficiency of the Public Service in Nigeria: A Case Study of Oshimili South Local Government of Delta State
  357. The Eucharist In Pauline Thought: Beyond Anamnesis to Koinonia
  358. The Fight Against Bribery and Corruption in Nigeria. An Assessment of the Performance of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
  359. The Good Samaritan in Luke(Luke 10:25-37) and it’s Implication to Church and Society
  360. The Impact Of Ecowas Protocol On Free Movement Of Persons, Goods And Capital In West Africa: A Case Study Of Nigeria-Benin Republic Border Relations, 1999 – 2012
  361. The Impact of G-3 Exchange Rate Volatility on Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria
  362. The Impact of Government’s Poverty Reduction Programmes in Niger State: a Case Study of Suleja Local Government Area, From 2006 to 2008
  363. The Impact of Human Capital on labour Productivity in Manufacturing Industries in Enugu And Anambra State,Nigeria
  364. The Impact of Imports 0n Total Factor Productivity in Nigeria
  365. The Impact of Interest Rate Liberalization on Investment in Nigeria
  366. The Impact Of Managerial Techniques On Productivity Capacity Of Nigerian Breweries Plc Aba (2004-2008)
  367. The Impact of Manpower Training on Productivity in Nigerian Public Service. (a study of Nnewi North LGA. From 1999-2007)
  368. The Impact of Millennium Development Goals on Gender Equality in Nigeria (2005 – 2010)
  369. The Impact of Monetization of Fring Benefit on the Productivity of Nigerian Workers : The Case of Federal Polytechnic
  370. The Impact of Motivation on Employee Performance in Organizations, a Case Study of Anambra Motor manufacturing company Ltd, Enugu (2000-2008
  371. The Impact Of New Federal Government Pension Policy On Retirees In Nigeria A Case Study Of University Of Nigeria Nsukka
  372. The Impact of Oil Price Shock and Exchange Rate Volatility on Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis of Nigeria And Kenya
  373. The Impact of Public Policy Implementation in Enugu State: a Case Study of Enugu State Agricultural Development Programme (ENADEP) 1995-2005
  374. The Impact Of Public Policy On The Education Sector in Nigeria: A Study of Kogi State, 1992-2011
  375. The Impact of Staff Evaluation on The Productivity and Performance of Public Organisation Workers ( A Case Study Of Enugu State Civil Service
  376. The Impact Of Universal Basic Education (UBE) On Educational Development In Enugu State; A Case Study Of Nsukka Local Government Area.
  377. The National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) and Sustainable Human Development in Nigeria, 2003 – 2014
  378. The New Pension Scheme And Workers Productivity In Nigerian Universities: a Case Study Of The University Of Nigeria, Nsukka.(2004-Date)
  379. The Perceived Impact of Multinational Corporations on National Development: A Study of Oguta Local Government Area, Imo State.
  380. The Phenomenon of Widowhood in Ihechiowa: the Response of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria
  381. The Place of Internal Auditing in Ensuring Effective and Efficient Financial Management (A Case Study of Post Primary Schools Management Board-Ppsmb-Enugu State)
  382. The Plight of Children of Un-identified Parents or Abandoned Children: Old Testament and Contemporary Society Perspectives
  383. The Politcs Of Poverty Alleviation Programmes In Nigeria: An Assessment Under Obasanjo’S Administration.
  384. The Political Economy of Nigeria – China Relations 1999 – 2010
  385. The Politics Of Debt Cancellation And Economic Reforms In Nigeria
  386. The Problems And Prospects Of Revenue Generation In Nigerian Local Government System: A Study Of Njikoka Local Government Area, 1999-2012
  387. The Prospects and Problems of Deregulation of the Nigerian Economy (a Case Study of the Telecommunication Industry)
  388. The Realist Theory Of Conflict And The Place Of Women During Conflicts In Nigeria: A Case Of The Ogoni Conflict
  389. The Role of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the Socio-economic, Political and Religious Problems in Nigeria
  390. The Role of Credible Elections on The Consolidation of Democracy: a Case Study of Anambra State From 2003 – 2006
  391. The Role of Information and Communication Technology In Enhancing AdministrationIn Power Holding Company of Nigeria
  392. The Role Of Local Government In Rural Development: A Study of Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State.
  393. The Role of the Church Towards Amelioration of Socio-cultural Practices Inimical to Women Liberation in Igboland
  394. The Role of the Churches in Combatting Corruption among Political Leaders in Anambra Sate, Nigeria
  395. The Role of the United Nations in Conflict Resolution in Syria, 2011-2013
  396. The Significance of Deities in the Contemporary Nsukka Northern Igboland
  397. The State and Political Economy of Democratization in Libya, 1969 – 2011
  398. The State and the Control of Trans-Border Human Trafficking In Nigeria, 2003 – 2012
  399. The Struggle For a Permanent Seat At the Security Council: a Critical Assessment of the Contestants in 2012
  400. The Theory and Practice of Democracy in Ebonyi State: a Case Study of the Rule of Law, 1999-2010.
  401. The United Nations And The Responsibility To Protect: A Critical Review Of The Libyan Crisis
  402. The United Nations Security Council and International Conflict Resolution: a Case Study of the UN Security Council Weapon Inspection in Iraq
  403. The United States and the Collapse of Gaddafi Regime
  404. The United States Interest in the Middle East and Iran’s Nuclear Programme
  405. The United States Led Nato Intervention And The Libyan Conflict
  406. The Vision 20:2020 And Food Production In Nigeria: A Critical Overview
  407. The World Bank and Community Development: An Appraisal of Local Empowerment and Environmental Management Project (Leemp) in Enugu State, Nigeria, 2004 – 2009
  408. Town Unions And Community Devlopment In Nigeria: A Study Of Nsukka L.G.A. In Enugu State, 1995-2010
  409. Trade Liberalization and the Nigerian Automotive Industry (2000 – 2011)
  410. United Nations And Management Of Global Terrorism: An Analysis Of US Invasion Of Afghanistan
  411. United Nations Millennium Development Goals and Challenges of Development in Nigeria
  412. United Nations Security Council and Management of Global Crisis: a Case Study of US Invasion of Iraq, 1991-2008
  413. United States Alien Torts Claims Act (ATCA), Oil Corporations and Militarized Commerce in Nigeria’S Niger Delta
  414. United States And Peace Mediation In Africa: A Case Study Of The Nigeria – Biafra War
  415. University of Nigeria, Nsukka Faculty of Social Sciences Department of Public Administration and Local Government
  416. Urbanization and violent crimes in Nigeria: a case study of armed robbery in Enugu metropolis
  417. Us Military Operations, Governance And Security In Afghanistan, 2001-2010
  418. US-Russia Nuclear Arms Reduction Relations: An Assessment
  419. Vigilantism and Crime in Control inContemporary Nigeria: a Study of Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State
  420. Wittgenstein’s Conception of Language and Its Implication for Jurisprudence
  421. Women And Local Government Development: A Case Study Of Epe Local Government Of Lagos State
  422. Women Empowerment In Enugu State: A Study Of Political Representation Since 1999
  423. Women Participation in Rural Development Programmes: A Case Study of Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area
  424. Work Engagement and Work-Life Balance as Predictors of Productive Work Behaviour Among Commercial Bank Employees
  425. Work-Family Conflict and Personality as Predictors of Organizational Commitments Among Hospital Workers in Enugu, Nigeria
  426. Workers’ Understanding And Perception Of The Pension Reform Act 2004: A Study Of Prisons’ Staff In Enugu State
  427. Workplace Social Support and Personality Type as Predictors of Job Satisfaction
  428. World Bank And Crises Of Development In Nigeria (1999 To 2008)
  429. World Bank Loan Conditionalities and Politics of Poverty Reduction in Africa: the Nigerian Experience, 1999 – 2012
  430. Youths and Drug Abuse in Nigeria: Challenge for the Nigerian Churches


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