Design and construction of AC/DC mobile phone charger (31 pages: chapter 1-5)

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Design and construction of AC/DC mobile phone charger (31 pages: chapter 1-5)



Most Ac-Dc mobile charger are not real chargers, they are only power adaptors that provide a power source for the charging circuitry which is almost always contained within the mobile phone. They are notoriously diverse, having a wide variety of D.C connector-style and voltages, most of which are not compatible with other phones manufacturers’ .Mobile phone chargers are nothing but Ac to Dc converts.

They take an input of 220 volts Ac and given an output voltage of the chargers are in the range of 5 to 5.5 volt DC, but some local make chargers given an output voltage beyond this level. As a user who is not bothered much about these technical details is just connects the phone and checks whether the mobile phone is getting charged or not, but in reality a mobile phone charger which is exposed to conditions which are beyond the permissible limit might actually reduce the life of the mobile phones.

Different mobile phones have different batteries and different voltages requirements .Usually though, the battery ‘’ goes dead’’ at about 0.8V less than its full voltage. This is because if a battery goes too low it will be completely accurate, when a battery is fully charged, it is usually about 0.5V higher than it is labeled.

New developments for distributed web-based Ac/Dc mobile  charger, which can include not only traditional signaling functions but also new “smart’’ decision function are challenging thrills today’s for the Ac/Dc mobile phone charger designers. For this, some factors and questions must be considered in selecting an Ac/Dc mobile phone.

These question are as this;

(a).   what system need protection

(b).   what type of siren is needed

(c).   the method of transmission need for the charger Signals?

There are many type of chargers for many purpose some are manually operated while some are automatically operated but in