design and construction of an electronic display board ( 45 pages) chapter 1-5

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design and construction of an electronic display board ( 45 pages)



The purpose of this project is to produce a narrative description of the design and construction of an electronic display board. Firstly computer aided design is the modeling of physical system on computer allowing both interactive and automatics analysis of design variant and the expression of design in a form of suitable for manufacturing. This follows by explaining the electronics display board as a device which is fast gaining wide acceptance and application in the present days due to its ability to provide a very high precision timing. This can be describe as an electro-mechanical system for processing information in which the information is represented by physical quantities, which are so constrained to take only discrete values than can be referred to as binary signals.

In this design, we are implored the used hardware to bring about the entire project. The hardware components are solely coordinated by the CD4026 electronics display chip while the seven segments are used to display the output of the chips.

In today’s world where technology has come of certain age, it will be oddly out of place to see that information that are meant for public consumption, are presented or displayed in manner that is rather obsolete an unsatisfactory, hence the need for a better and more attractive system for displaying information to the public.

The manual programmable digital display is an electronic system that displays- numeric characters in a manner on flat plane screen with the use a module called seven segments displays that are arranged in an inbuilt sequential format. The sequencing of the seven segment display is controlled by some ICs in combination with a resistor as to form a resistance of current in device, in the sense that the numbers being displayed can be changed by using a reset button in the circuit.

A scoreboard is a large board for publicly displaying the score in game. Most levels of sport from high school and above use at least one scoreboard for keeping score, measuring time, and displaying statistics. Scoreboard in a past used a mechanical clock and numeral cards to displaying the score. When a point was made, a person would put the appropriate digits on a hook. Most modern scoreboards use electromechanical or electronic means of displaying the score.

In these, digits are often composed of large dot-matrix or seven- segment displays made of incandescent bulbs, light- emitting diodes, or electromechanical flip segments. An official or neutral person will operate the scoreboard, using a control panel. This design..