accounting information system as a means of enhancing financial management of transport Company (A CASE STUDY OF THE NIGERIAN RAILWAY CORPORATION ENUGU) (113pages) CHAPTER 1-5

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accounting information system as a means of enhancing financial management of transport (A CASE STUDY OF THE NIGERIAN RAILWAY CORPORATION ENUGU) (113pages) CHAPTER 1-5


 Accounting information system in a transport organization has been a great problem to the third world countries in general, which Nigeria as a country has its own share. This research work, “Accounting information system in a transport organization, suggests ways of minimizing the effects of the problems of inefficient accounting information. It is believe that an improvement in this regards will enhance the performance of the corporation. To enable the researcher find solution to the problem of this study, some questions were raised in the form of hypotheses, which were developed comprising the null and alternative hypotheses. The methods of data collection were primary and secondary data method. The data collected were analyzed by use of simple percentages while chi-square was used to test the hypothesis formulated for validity. Findings show that accounting information is an indispensible tool in the management of Nigeria Railway Corporation and the activities of unqualified and incompetent accounting officers are responsible for the performance of the accounts departments in Nigeria Railway Corporation. Based on the findings, the researcher concludes that the accountant should put more efforts especially when computing the financial statement since accounts fraud result from ignorant of proper accounting procedures. Since the financial statement are sources of document of accounting information, efforts should be made in generating more relevant, timely, effective and accurate accounting information necessary for prevention or detection of fraud.


Title page————————————————————————— i
 Approval page———————————————————————- ii
Dedication ————————————————————————— iii
Acknowledgement —————————————————————– iv
Abstract —————————————————————————— v
Table of content——————————————————————— vi

1.0 Introduction—————————————————————– 1

1.1 Background of the study————————————————– 1

1.2 Statement of problem—————————————————– 4
1.3 Objective of the study—————————————————– 5
1.4 Research questions——————————————————– 6
1.5 Hypothesis of the study—————————————————- 7
1.6 Significance of the study————————————————— 8
1.7 Scope and limitation of the study—————————————- 8
1.8 Definition of terms———————————————————- 9


2.0 literature review———————————————————- 11
2.1 The concept of accounting information system———————– 16
2.2 The importance of accounting information—————————- 19
2.3 The users of accounting information———————————— 20
2.4 Criticism of accounting information system in Nigeria Railway Corporation Enugu..21
 2.5 The output of an information and the users.—————————- 24
 2.6 The outline of the information generation process and source document———————————————- 28
2.7 Application of computer system———————————————33
2.8 Accounts department in the Nigeria Railway Corporation Enugu 36
2.9 Functions of the accounts department———————————— 38
2.10 Officers of the accounts department————————————— 38
 2.11 Accounting officers and heads of department—————————-39
2.12 Disagreement between accounts officers and heads of department 39
2.13 Accounting system in Nigeria Railway Corporation——————– 40
2.14 Capital expenditure budgeting————————————————42
 2.15 Expenditure checking section————————————————-46


3.1 Research design————————————————————— 55
3.2 Sources of data —————————————————————- 56
 3.3 Research instrument———————————————————- 57
 3.4 Reliability and Validity of research instrument————————- 58
 3.5 Population ——————————————————————— 58
3.6 Sample size/ techniques—————————————————– 60
3.7 Administration of research instrument———————————– 63
 3.8 Method of data analysis——————————————————- 64
3.9 Decision criterion for validity of hypothesis—————————— 65


4.1 Data presentation———————————————————– 71
 4.2 Testing of hypothesis——————————————————- 87


5.1 Summary of findings——————————————————— 96
5.2 Conclusion———————————————————————- 98
 5.3 Recommendation————————————————————- 98
 Bibliography————————————————————————- 100

Appendix —————————————————————————– 102


The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has been in existence for years. It is regarded the largest transport corporation in Nigeria and has a high network operations. The Nigerian railway corporation is One Hundred and Fourteen years (114) old and it runs a unilaterally designed track system of 1067mm charge gauge. Only 30km of its track distribution is in double track and that is within Lagos area. Nigerian Railway Corporation actually commenced rail business activities with the construction of the first rail line from Lagos to Ibadan 193m between 1998 and 1901. By 1964 when the construction of 640km Kano-Maiduguri rail line, then known as Bornu extension, was completed, the present core of the railway network hard been put in place.

Presently, the railway system is made up of 3’505…(113 pages)ORDER COMPLETE MATERIAL.

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