An empirical analysis of the impact of deposit money bank on the manufacturing sector in Nigeria (44 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

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An empirical analysis of the impact of deposit money bank on the manufacturing sector in Nigeria (44 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

This research study, by means of a robust statistical analysis investigates the impact of deposit money bank on the manufacturing sector in Nigeria. Data from 1980-2011 were examined. The empirical analysis carried out showed that the lag of exchange and commercial bank credit have a significant and positive impact on manufacturing sector in Nigeria within the period under review, and as such the monetary and capital market in Nigeria should be further developed to meet standards and provide the necessary capital for the manufacturing sector. Also the government and relevant authorities should see to the strengthening of the exchange rate.

In all most all economics today government intervention in undertaking fundamental roles of allocation, stabilization, distribution and regulation, especially where or when market proves inefficient or its outcome is socially unacceptable. Government also intervenes, particularly in developing economics to achieve macroeconomics objective such as economic growth and development, full employment, price stability and poverty reduction.(AESS PUBLICATION 2011).

Public finance is to provide information to all arms of government in other to provide use full data as done for the develop nations that transferred public finance technology to developing nation. Public finance is used for allocation, stabilization and distribution (Musgrave and Musgrave 1989).………….ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .


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