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Before an organization can fill a job vacancy, it must find people who not only are qualified for the position but also who want a job. Recruitment refers to organizational activities that influence the number and type of applicants accept the jobs if offered. Thus recruitment is directly related to both human resources planning and selection, Joythi/Venkatesh (2006: 260).

Aswathappa (2003: 40) states that recruitment also forms the first stage in the process, which continues with selection and ceases with the placement of the candidate. It is the next step in the procurement function, the first being the manpower planning. Recruitment makes it possible to acquire the number and types of people necessary to ensure the continued operation of the organization. Recruiting is the discovering of potential applicants for actual or anticipated organization vacancies. In other words, it is a “linking activity” bringing together those with jobs and those seeks for jobs.

Companies are now looking out for new ways of giving themselves a competitive advantage. New product, new image and new marketing idea are some of the ways this can be achieved but enlightened and successful companies look towards their people to provide the leading edge.

According to Flippo E.B., (1978: 30) “Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in an organization”. Recruitment is the activity that links the employers and the job seekers.

Ezigbo. (2011) states that the step of recruitment of prospective employees begins when the organization determines the various positions to be filled, develops job descriptions for these positions, and conducts a skill inventory to determine present and future human resource needs. Recruitment is the generation of applications from applicants for specific positions. Recruitment is the process of looking for prospective employees and motivating them to apply for jobs in the organization. It is also defined as the process for identifying the sources of prospective candidates and to stimulate them apply for jobs.

Plunket/Attmers, (1999) stated that in recruitment, the organization is attempting to identify and attract candidates to meet the requirements of anticipated or actual position vacancies. The two devices used during this phase are the job description and job specification both which we developed as a result of job analysis.

Cole, (1996: 328) Defines recruitment as a policy constitutes the code of conduct which the organization is prepared to follow in its search for possible recruit in the market place. It also stated that the aim of recruitment is to ensure that the organization demand for employees is met by attracting potential employees (recruits) in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Dele (1987) in his own opinion posits that recruitment may mean bringing in a few candidates for single position or correcting hundreds of thousands for a major expansion; furthermore, he noted that in any large company, it is likely to be a continuing job since positions our constantly opening up as employees leave, retire or die.

Going by the above author’s contributions in relation to recruitment, it has becomes obvious that recruitment is a process through which qualified applicants are identified. And/or attracted to an organization for purpose of filling in the vacant positions.

Essentially, the study therefore, will focus on an examination of the effectiveness of recruitment policies of multinational organization in Nigeria particular reference to M.T.N Nigeria organization which is Telecommunication Company in Nigeria.


          This study seeks to investigate on the effectiveness of recruitment policies of multinational organization in Nigeria, a study of MTN Nigeria.

MTN means a new generation of professionals and these individual should not be experts in their field only, but also globally active. So, it is believed that effective recruitment will be able to address the vast challenge facing the human resource mix and will obviously reposition IT system in Nigeria.

Another problem facing effectiveness of recruitment is that many recruiters are not following through on the preparation that is required of candidates their by affecting it determination to delivery quality service to Nigeria.

Therefore, the main problem of this research is applicably of revolutionalized management theories to new work positions adequacy of infrastructures, quality of service delivery and cultural challenges in the wake of globalization in the telecommunications industries.


          In the light of the above problems, this research has the following objectives;

  1. To ascertain the processes, policies and techniques used by MTN in recruiting employees.
  2. To examine the extent to which management adheres to laid down policies in recruitment.
  3. To examine the extent to which the current policies and practices help in effective recruitment.
  4. To highlight the impact of MTN recruitment policies and practices on employees performance.
  5. To identify factors (if any) hinder effective recruitment of employees in MTN.


In pursuance of the objectives of the study the following research questions are formulated.

  1. What are the polices and techniques used by MTN in recruiting employees?
  2. What are the extent to which management adheres to laid down policies in recruitment?
  3. What are the extents to which the current policies and practices help in effective recruitment?
  4. What are the effectiveness of recruitment of employees in MTN?
  1.  How effectively integrated is it with the wider business strategy in MTN?


          The hypotheses for this study are stated as follows;-

  1. Ho:    There are no laid down process, policies and   techniques used by MTN in recruiting employees.

Hi:    There are laid down process, policies and  techniques used by MTN in recruiting employees.

  1. Ho: Effectiveness of recruitment has no effect on  employees of MTN recruitment of employees in MTN.

Hi:     Effectiveness of  recruitment  has effect on  employees of  MTN

  1. Ho:    Management interference in the process of   recruitment is not a major hindrance to the process of   effective recruitment.

Hi:     Management interfe

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