‘Lego Mindstorms Robotic’ – design and implementation

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‘Lego Mindstorms Robotic’ – design and implementation

This report is written to cover the process that I went through in creating a robot to perform some tasks
that I set. The robot that will be built is going to be built with the aim of modelling a footballer. This
report will contain information that was deemed useful during the research stage, along with design
decisions, implementation difficulties, and finally evaluation of the design and the project as a whole.
In order to make sure that the project moved in a suitable direction, a set of minimum requirements were
needed. They were as follows:
1. Conduct and write literature search.
2. Design and implement robot able to shoot ball at target when placed
close to ball.
3. Design and implement a robot to locate and move to the ball.
4. Evaluate under a variety of environmental conditions.
During the course of this project, these minimum requirements have been met and extended requirements were defined and attempted. These too were completed. The extra requirements that were completed were to design and implement the robot to perform other tasks, which in this case was dribbling. In addition, all the code produced was integrated.

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