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A.Background of Problem

Language is a symbol system  that is used as a tool to communicate by the user. Language is said to be well developed based on a system that is a set of rules obeyed by the user. The language itself serves as a means of communication, integration and adaptation. According to Wibowo (2001), “Language is a system of symbol that are meaningful and articulate sound (generated by said tool) that are arbitrary and conventional which is used as a means of communication by a group of men to give birth to feeling and thought.” (p.3).  In the study of linguistics, language is defined as a system of spoken and written symbol that human beings as a means of communication in the form sound. Thomson (2008) clamied that,“Language as a system of communication using sounds or symbols that enables use to express feeling, thoughts, ideas,and experiences.”

Language is  a system of conventional spoken, manual, or written symbols by means of which human beings, as members of a social group and participants in its culture, express themselves. The functions of language include communication, the expression of identity, play, imaginative expression, and emotional release. Language used to communicate and convey meaning from one person to another. It is used to talk to each other, write the email and text.

As an international language, English is very important and has many interrelationships with various aspects of life owned by human being. English is also, of course a mother tongue for many people in the world, thought, as we shall see, such ‘ native speakers are increasingly out – numbered by people who have English as a second or third language and use it for international communication.

In Indonesia, English considered as the first foreign language and taught formally from elementary school up to the university level. Studying English is very important for them because there are many books written in English. In addition most sciences, technology, art, culture, and a lot of communication’s in internet or computer are written in English. The western person that used this language, but more than a half people in the world had too. English is quite significant for people as means  of communication. It means that English is very populer as a world language. Therefore, their good mastery of English will make it easier for them to comprehend books written in English.

Language learning  will never be successful without learning and understanding the vocabulary. Have a good knowledge of vocabulary support student to mastery English. In teaching English, we need pay attention to many aspects. Some of them are: reading, listening, speaking,writing, structure, and vocabulary. But from all aspect, vocabulary is considered as the most important. Jeremy Harmer (1991) as cited ammatunnur sidiqa’’n.d” classifies that “then vocabulary that provides the vital organs and flesh”. For that reason the students have to develop their vocabulary and master it in order to be able communicate with the other. Vocabulary is not only sign of symbol for ideas but also a part of how to improve skill in the target language. The more vocabulary students learn  the more ideas they  should have, so they can communicate by using their ideas more effectively. It is mentioned by edge in (1993) as cited, “ammatunnur sidiqa’s journal ’’n.d” Knowing  a lot of words in a foreign language is very important. The more word we know, the better our chance of understanding or making ourselves understood.”

According to the ministry educational and culture explain the result of national examination  has been a declined especially on the subjects of the English language in 2016 a number of 57,17 %.This is because the level of difficulty in reading comprehension, so students are difficult to recognize or identify text. This is due to several factors, one of which is a lack of vocabulary. as stated by kusmiatun (2005) that :

kemampuan seseorang dalam berbahasa salah satunya tergantung pada         kemampuannya menguasai kosakata, tanpa penguasaan kosakata yang memadai, tidak mungkin seseorang dapat berkomunikasi, baik lisan maupun tertulis dalam bahasa tertentu, kosakata menjadi sangat berarti karena semua kegiatan kebahasaan akan selalu menggunakan kosakata didalamnya. (p.11).


The statements above learning vocabulary plays an important role. Vocabulary is one of the most importance aspects of the foreign language learning. Without vocabulary we cannot communicate effectivelly.

According to the regulations of national education minister Republic of Indonesia No. 22 of 2006 the quality of learning English is influenced by the quality and quantity of vocabulary.

Banyak siswa di SMP yang mengeluhkan bahwa kata kata yang diberikan oleh guru bahasa inggris di sekolah terlalu bersifat teknis, misalnya mengenai industralisasi, reboisasi dan lain lain, sementara siswa tetap saja mengalami kesulitan untuk mengartikan kata-kata yang banyak digunakan pada film, majalah, dan situs-situs internet berbahasa inggris, bahkan kadang-kadang, siswa sangat hafal istilah-istilah bahasa inggris untuk bidang politik (seperti misalnya reformation, globalization dan lain-lain)tetapi tidak dapat menyebutkan benda-benda yang biasa mereka pakai sehari hari dalam bahasa inggris .

Many students in junior high school who complained that the words given by the English teachers in schools  are of a tehnical nature, for example  concering industralization, reforestation and others, while the student is still having difficulty deciphering the words that are widely used in films, magazines, and internet sites to speak English, even occasionally, students are very know terms in English for politics (such as the Reformation, globalization, etc.) but can not mention the things they used to wear in everyday language English.

Graves (1986) claimed that,  “The ideal vocabulary that should be owned by the learner starters are between 2,500 to 5,000 words that support language learning. But this is less owned by learners of English in our country, especially English is a foreign language.” Vocabulary is important for the students. It can be seen from the unsitisfactory writing score and some problems that the students encounter in writing and speaking. They need large reservoir of vocabulary when they want to arrange sentences or when they want to listen, speak, read and write. Futhermore, it is hard for the students to share their ideas orally on in writing when their vocabulary range is limited. without having intensive range of vocabulary they cannot speak nor white smoothly because they do not know how to speak or write and develop their ideas even they get stuck in the middle of speaking or writing. Lack of vocabulary will hamper the learners’progress in reading. In fact, due to this lack of vocabulary, students will encounter difficulties in reading their compulsory book. Taking this issue into account, obviously the student’s lack of vocabulary should be immediately overcome.

Actually, anyone can learn vocabulary through a number of ways. A student for example, can learn of all the words he or she needs without help. He or she can look up difficult or unfamiliar words and their meanings in a dictionary. However, the problem is how he or she is able to discover the meaning of new words, remember them and put them into practice in real situation. In fact, she or he still find difficulty remembering the words or retaining their meanings so that  they become discouraged. To overcome the problem, a teacher should be able to find out ways and approriate solutions to improving the teaching learning process in class. A teacher is expected to be able to choose proper method and techniques, as well as teaching materials which are congruent with his or her students’s condition, need and age as well as the level of study they are at.

Learning language will automatically involve learning is vocabulary, As teacher should research the most suitable ways, methods, techniques, media  as well as tactics to be use in the teaching of vocabulary. Vocabulary can be developed by adopting many techniques and there are thousand of media availabe to be used achieve student’s vocabulary. This idea support from napa (1991), who maintains that vocabulary can taught by using different techniques,for example game,translation,text,picture etc. Using an approriate technique will facilitate the students in understanding the lesson. Among the many ways available, the writer, in this reseach, proposed caricature pictures in the teaching of vocabulary.

That is clear, vocabulary is extremely important in learning. Someone can convey his opinion, emotion, wish, and understand whom he speaks to with enough vocabulary.Vocabulary building is not easy thing to do. We must be optimistic that if try of course we can. Teacher has to make an effort to build their students’ vocabulary since student will have more opportunity to identify the words during the teaching and learning process. Nothing is learned if it is not remembered. But why do easily remember something, and despite effort, forget other? Storing the words in memory to be longer becomes a big problem for everyone who wants to master a language. In our daily experience, we considered what we have learned not wholly stored in our memory. May be some of the students like and eager to study, but some others are possibly not. Teachers, in this case have a big role to motivate all of them to have the same perception about the importance of English today

The writer’s desire for conducting a research on caricature picture in the teaching of vocabulary is inspired by yakup topal in  2015 Pictures are more effective than words in giving meaning. Both words and pictures can be used as visual teaching material and education, However, the material to be employed should be designed to provide recalling and helping learners. Caricature as a message, that is a visual description humor based on iconic design in terms of communication. yakup topal in june , “That is why the students are more interested in learning when the teacher brings pictures caricature into the class.” (p.58).

From the explanation above, therefore, the writer would like to find out the effect of using caricature picture on student’s vocabulary achievement and entittled this research:’’ The Effect of Using Caricature Picture on Student’s Vocabulary Achievement on Grade seven at Smp Islam As-syafi’iyah 06 Bekasi .







  1. Identification of the problems

From the background of problem above, some problem can identification as follows:

  1. Students can identify vocabulary during learning process
  2. The low competence in reading compherension was influenced by lack of vocabulary
  3. Many students cannot read and understand a text which written in English because they do not have enough vocabulary
  4. Formulation of the Research

To examine the effect  of using  caricature picture on student’s vocabulary achivement  at Smp Islam As-syafi’iyah  Jakarta in academic year 2016/2017. The research question is formulated as follows: “Is there any significant   of using caricature picture on student’s vocabulary achievement?

  1. Aim of the research
  2. To find out student’s vocabulary achievement of using caricature picture
  3. To find out student’s the effects of the use of caricatures in learning vocabulary



  1. Benefit of the research

The writer expects that this final study has some significance:

  1. .For the writer

It gives the writer a motivation that teaching vocabulary is not difficult and it because she knows about caricature picture media, so the knowledge to be use in the future

  1. For the teachers

It will give the teachers better insight into Caricature picture media and make them realize that Caricature is also worth trying in teaching reading vocabulary especially in junior high school and it is one of methods in teaching and learning.

  1. For the student

The use of Caricature picture media helps students to vocabulary achievement passage in learning process and to get knowledge how to manage classroom is interesting.

  1. For school

This research is as a suggestion for school to be better in developing quality in teaching English.

  1. For Universitty

The research is as the reference material to gain students’ progress, especially in the case of student’s vocabulary achievement.

  1. Organization of skripsi

            In this chapter I the writer explain , background of problem, identification of problem, formulation of the research, aim of the research, and benefit of the research.

Chapter II explain about theoretical foundation of hypothesis, take some theory of some expert, previous relevan research it is explain about some research have conductive studies in teaching the effect of using caricature picture on student’s vocabulary achievement,frame of thought it is explain about consideration the writer on the purpose of research and the last is formulation hyothesis for the knowing any significant or not on research.

Chapter III explain about research methodology there are some points in this research methodology : research variable include definition of concept,operational definition of variable,research objective,research procedure,time and location of the research,population and samples, research methodology and research design, research instrument, data collecting technique, and data analysis technique.

Chapter IV explain about the result of research there are some points in chapter IV the first the description of research data, data analysis,the result of data analysis using SPSS,interpretation and conclusion

Chapter V explain about conclusion, implication and suggestion. conclusion the result of data analysis of this research, impication is conducting this research which treat caricature picture on grade seven students’vocabulary achievement of smp islam as-syafi’iyah, suggestion as additional information based on the observation upon the problems.


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