the impact of advertising and sales promotion on the profitability of scale business. A case study of Rojalin Company ltd, Ogwashi-uku Delta State..

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Advertising and sales promotion has not only become an integral part of our society and economic system but has also grow over the year to assume tremendous proportions  both as a business activity and social phenomenon. It has affected not only the business sector but also the whole society (Oghudge, 1993)

Advertising and sales promotion have been seen as life wire of an organization which help in the creation of awareness educating and informing consumers/customers about a particular product, which will help in increasing a company sales turnover and more profit to the organization sine all business organization or firms that are being with the aim of making profit, it will be advantageous that companies adopt those marketing mix in its operation to keep it going. Since consumers need to be aware or informed about a particular product advertizing can also be made known to the society so as to avoid mix up in certain information being passed out to them (the society).after this have been done, companies also apply their sales promotion which help in retaining the customers patronage and make them loyalists to the product, and this result in sustaining high sales volume and more profit to organizations. In fact, advertising and sales promotion are very significant throughout the life of a product because of  the roles they play, which bring about more sales and profit to an organization or firm(Robert,2001).Consequent upon the above the researcher is interested in finding out the role those marketing mix plays in the business sector.


Advertising and sales promotion are marketing tools whose sole aim is to build preference for advertised brand or services (Robert,2001).they create awareness good image for new and old products and generate the desired action. In as much as advertising and sales promotion aid in the marketing of goods and services which leads to increase in sales and more profit in some area it has not been carried out systematically. Some of the areas that have posed problems to those marketing tools i.e. advertising and sales promotion includes nonchalant attitude of management and staff, and in recent times most of the paint producers have been finding it difficult to cope with advertising and sales promotion either because of the capital involved or because they felt it is of no use making adverts or sales promotion due to environment they operate in.

The owners and management of some companies might at times be ignorant and do not know the value of advertising and sales promotion to their business. Even where the value is known they might not use if effectively and efficiently, also those receiving the message as expected.

The management feels that there is no need for advertising and sales promotion since customers in the view purchase what they want to buy regardless whether there was an advertisement of such product or not, or whether sales promotion was employed or not.

The question then is, can these organizations be convinced that their investment in advertising and sales promotion is not necessary cost and change their perception, that advertising neither habits nor enhance the sale of their product. Which act to increase profitability?


A lot of problems have been identified as militating against advertising and sales promotion. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of advertising and sales promotion on the profitability of small and medium scale business (Smes).

Especially the researcher is required to:-

1        Examine the influence of advertising and sales promotion on customers patronage.

2        Find out the impact of such influence if any on sales of Rojalex paint in and outside Ogwashi-uku.

3        To stress the benefit of advertising and sales to an organization.

4        To know that advertising and sales promotion pulls customers to a product.

5        To ascertain if advertising and sales promotion can be used to correct product deficiency.

6        Reveal of advertising and sales promotion can be used to protect good corporate. Image of a firm.

7        To make appropriate recommendation on how sales promotion and advertising can be used to increase the profit of a firm.


To effectively and efficiently carry out the study the following research question are formulated to guide the study.

  1. Do advertising and sales promotion serve as communication medium between the company and the customers.
  2. Do advertising and sales promotion brings on increase in a company’s profitability?
  3. Can advertising and sales promotion be used to correct product deficiency?

4.       Can advertising and sales promotion

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