The impact of communication on the efficiency of Nigeria Coca-cola Company

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Research has shown a continue interest in the study of organizational goal attainment especially when all organization aim at improving their current level of performance. Organizations are either growing or declining depending on the management by leadership.

According to Desmond F. (1979), says communication is the process of maintaining an uninterrupted flow of order, ideas, and suggestions between top management and the rest of the organization. It is a task which requires the manager to communicate with people.

Good communication not only helps management orders to be understood, managers’ knowledge of subordinate attributes and feeling, towards jobs, the films, supervisors and work environment. Effective communication motivates the subordinates. Communication is one of the vital processes that make up the achievement of the goals.

Sugder and Morris (1984), says that is it obvious that in any endeavor it requires two or more persons, communications is necessary if individual effort are to be co-ordinate for group action. It is significant to note that a well-planned and organized system of information is what is needed for effectiveness decision making in any organization.

According to Ugboaja (1985:22) sees communication as involving all acts of transmitting message to channels which link people to the language and symbolic codes which are use to transmit messages, the means by which message are stored, and the rules, customs and convention which define and regulate human relationship and events, in its broad sense, communication has long been credited as a prime factor in the attainment of high level of organizational goals. Communication is essential for the internal functioning of enterprises because it helps to integrate management functions.

Communication is that which is needed to establish and attain the goals of an enterprise. The articles needed are that is providing organization with communication system. From the foregoing, there is the need to look critically into the communication system of Nigeria Coca-Cola Company, Onitsha as the study desks among others to examine and identify possible effect that communication has on the administration of the Nigeria Coca-Cola Company, Anambra State.



Under this study, it is assumed that extent to which an organization attains it goals will among other factors depend on their ability to communicate effectively.

In most large organizations, like the Nigeria Coca-cola Company, Onitsha, Anambra, there is the problem of effective decision making because of poor information flow, land ineffectively communication for decision making are being deprived of it.

However, in Nigeria Coca-cola Company, Onitsha, Anambra State, there is personal administration office, which deals with all information concerning the employed the organization. The need for communication between the submit of component units therefore becomes important of quick and timely decisions are to be made. It is a primary junction of personnel and administration to bridge the various levels of decision-making together by providing each with relevant office information in order to achieve the goals of the organisation.



The objective or purpose of the study therefore is to find out the impact of communication on the efficiency of Nigeria Coca-cola Company, Onitsha, Anambra State, because of the advantages of communication in attainment of organizational goals, there is need that the process and means of communication be improved for the attainment of the goals. Therefore, this present study aims to specifically achieve the following objectives.

  1. To examine the impact of communication on the achievement of organizational goals.
  2. To critically investigate the existing media of communication in Nigeria Coca-Cola Company, Onitsha, Anambra.
  3. To highlight the possible obstacles, which hinder communication in an organization.
  4. To find out the employee’s perception on communication,



  1. Of what importance is communication in promoting effective organisational goals?
  2. What are the existing media in Nigeria Coca-cola Company, Onitsha, Anambra State?
  3. Effective communication contributes to the organisational existence?



This study will be of benefit to current and potential business managers and management of the business organization in Nigeria.

Significantly, this study will contribute to the existing literature in the areas of communication in organisation. This will serve as a ready reference tool for those who would be interested in similar research.

It will also help captions of industries and directors of organizations take effective decisions on issues affecting organizational communication in all human endeavours.


This research work will be restricted to communication systems in alt the departments of Nigeria Cocacola Company, Onitsha. It will also examine the various communication networks th: organizations are using and the effect of such communication on organization goals.



There is no human endeavour, which is not limited in one way or the other because of he constrains imposed on human nature. In doing this study, the researcher encountered some basic problems, which invariably limited the research.

First was the problem of time. The researcher was limited to time, as the researcher has to continue the study with his’ normal lectures. This was quite tasking.

Secondly, was the problem of literature (data) with which this study was carried out. The Ozoro Polytechnic central library lacks current information in the areas of communication 

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