A Web-based System For The Management Of Journal Reviewing

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Academic papers and book reviews are two of the main elements which form the content of academic journals. Associated with the formation of each issue of a journal is a reviewing process.
The reviewing process is a very important stage in deciding whether a paper is ready for
publication or whether it needs improving. Authors submit their academic papers for inclusion to the journal editor(s) and these are subsequently passed on to referees who critically review the paper. Likewise with book reviews; an editor will select a suitable individual to write a review on a book relevant to the journal topic.
The high level objective is to design and develop a web-based system which supports the entire reviewing process associated with academic papers and books. Specifically the minimum
requirements were to develop a system which:
1. Enabled authors and reviewers to submit their papers and reviews electronically and
which allowed editors to receive notification of any such activity
2. Enabled journal editors to assign referees to specific papers/books submitted
3. Enabled journal editors to track and manage the progress of reviews
The final system has matched and surpassed these requirements and can be accessed at (to access as an editor use username and
password ‘ ’, to access as normal user use username and password ‘ ’)

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