Motivation of workers and level of productivity in the organization celtel Nigeria company  48 pages

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Motivation of workers and level of productivity in the organization celtel Nigeria company  (48 pages:chapter 1-5)






The inability to get the best results from workers efforts depends on the ability to reach their willingness to work.

A man’s willingness to work depends on a lot of factors. Normally a worker works because he would be paid wages or salaries. It is generally believed that the vital element in any organization are human beings. For human element to put in their best for increased productivity, they need motivation which could be in form of monetary or non-monetary incentives.

One problem always encountered by employers in this country is the inability to increase productivity in the working place. Where there is no motivation there would likely be retrogression and lack of
conducive work atmosphere and productivity is bound to be below the organization’s expectations.

Another factor responsible for this situation is that no employer is concerned about the worker welfare or state of mind so long as he/she is paid his salary he is expected to perform his duties
creditably. This situation is worse in the public sector of the economy. It is assumed that the more management of an organization is able to motivate workers the more productivity it will achieve and
also lack of motivation of workers by the management of an organization will naturally affect the level of productivity of workers.

The success of management in this regard therefore depends on the ability to reach workers willingness. Motivation of workers today is based on the attitude of the employer in the organization, which has given various government in this country much concern. The generality of opinion about the performance of the employee is that they leave much to be desired and committee of one kind or the other has been set up in recent times on how to bring about increased…………ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .

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