Personalisation of a website using XML

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This report covers the work done on an application providing some degree of personalisation to an
existing website, the site of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Learning and Teaching Support
Network (PRS-LTSN). Personalisation of a website means providing each visitor with personalised
information. LTSN is an organisation linking UK higher education institutions with common goals
promoting high quality learning and teaching practises and resources.
The application is based on the Cocoon web server framework, which uses XML extensively.
Here are successively discussed the research, design, implementation and testing related to the
project. This includes reviews of some websites implementing personalisation features, the chosen
development methodology, the project’s schedule, the user requirements, the technical aspects of the
system design, and the code. The report goes on dealing with the evaluation of the resulting
application, and suggests areas for further work.
The project will continue after this report, and will hopefully be part of the actual website one day.

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