The contributions of women organisationsin community development in nigeria (61pages)

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The contributions of women organisations in community development in nigeria (61pages)

This project analysed the contributions of women organisations in the community development in mbaise Local Government Area in imo state.semi-structured questionnaire was used to collect data from 120 randomly selected women from the chosen communities. Data analysis were achieved using simple descriptive statistics as percentages, frequency tables and ranking. Result of the study shows that women organisations for the purpose of community development in the study area are formed at different levels (community and village) and along different ties (religious,family and social). There was a remarkable high involvement rate of women organisations in the provision of infrastructural amenities as renovation/furnishing of town halls/equipment of village schools and churches, and provision of communal environmental sanitation services. other development programmes include those aimed at economic and educational empowerment of women and community youths such as;provision of grants/loans for enterprise development of women award of scholarships to children of the community,awarness creation on HIV/AIDS,family health and child care programmes,and other general health matters. It was recommended among others that existing women organisations in the community development should be encouraged by way of adequate recognition,training and funding by the local government authorities

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