Labour relations and conflict management in the public service a case study of customary court of appeal edo state 81 pages

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Labour relations and conflict management in the public service a case study of customary court of appeal edo state (public admin) 81 pages


Crisis within human resources should be taken seriously especially in the government sector. The minimization of the perpetual exploitation of labour which results in labour conflict between union and management will enhance efficient and effective performance in the public sector.

The goal of this research is to investigate if there is cooperation and coordination in labour relations in customary court of Appeal, Edo State which is the case study. There is no doubt that not only the system, but also the staff of the system will have much to benefit from the system when there is a high degree of cooperation and coordination within the parties involved in labour relations and conflict management which is the topic of this project work.

The dominating nature of management in most case is inevitable as it is delegated by the government who is the largest labour employer; as a result, management has to curtail its domineering attitudes on the staff. Therefore, there is the need to educate labour more about labour relation so as to relax the rigidity of the procedure for conflict management, the parties involved should always avoid resorting to confrontation on any issue at stake.

The study dealt with the issues raised, such as labour relations, conflict management and collective bargaining. From our investigation, we found out that the main issues that usually cause conflict between management and workers border on the organisation’s welfare policies, remuneration
and non-implementation of collective agreement. It was also found that the process of collective bargaining structure in the public service has been very effective in the resolution of conflicts within the system. On the whole, it was found that the harmony of the actors in labour relation is the strength of any system.…………ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .