Motivation and work performance a case study of psychiatric hospital uselu,benin city  68 pages

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Motivation and work performance a case study of psychiatric hospital uselu,benin city  (68 pages:chapter 1-5)



The study seeks to find out the relationship between motivation and work performance of the staff in the organisation. The purpose of carrying it out, is to investigate motivation and work performance in
psychiatric Hospital, Benin City.

This project also examine the various theories of motivation. In carrying out the study, 100 questionnaires were given out, eighty (80) of them were returned and those were graded and analyzed.

Factors relating to motivation were considered with emphasis on their impact on work performance, these include training, promotion and leadership style, working relationship among others.

Following the analysis of the above, the results below were obtained:-

  1. There is direct link between motivation and work performance.
  2. Regular promotion of staff can increase their work performance
  3. Democratic leadership boost staff morale and increase work performance.

It is unfortunate that people expect some organizations to perform wonderfully well without trying to find out their conditions of service, the kind of incentives given to them and the working facilities made available to them.

The study also found that the sense of belonging which workers have in a conducive working environment can have impact on the attitude of workers to their duty.…………ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .