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Product Description

As part of my degree programme, i undertook an 11 month placement with British telecom, Bristol as a web developer. primarily, i worked within the fastTrack team, a section of computing partners, which help develop IT solutions in-house for various other areas of British telecom.
the information which is generated to support each IT project after implementation, is essential for efficiency and reliability of the business solutions produced. this information needs to be produced, managed and made accessible in such a way that the process of supporting a project should be one that is straightforward, even to employees with little or no knowledge of the actual system. the IT solution are developed in a way, that each requires very similar, if not identical support requirements after implementation, using support information that is in identical format.
the aim of this final year project is to provide access to all required support information for various projects from a single intranet-based project support system. the dynamism of the system will result in information which can be managed by allocated administrators, and the support information of any future business solutions will simply be added to the system. under a new project, resulting in the ability to support any fasttrack IT solution from a single system. my main objectives during this project are:

1. research knowledge management systems and HCI issues
2. analyse various tools and methodologies and use my findings to design a successful solution
3. expand my current knowledge of web development by research into new areas
4.use information gained to design, develop and implement a successful solution
5. evaluate the final system and assess the effectiveness it has had in supporting fastTrack IT project

all the minimuim requirements stated in section 1.4 were implemented successfully and surpassed with enhancements stated in section 5.2.1 within the time scales provided