A Maintainable, Database Driven Website for non IT Specialists (98 pages: chapter 1-12)

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Project Description

Project Summary
The project evaluates the operations and current web presence of Vancouver Island Holidays UK Ltd., recommends new functionality and information content that could be added to its website and produces a marketing plan to increase the company’s online exposure. The project also includes the design, implementation and integration of three of the recommended new functionality components.

A key element of the project is that all of the new web site functionality must have the capability to be administered via the use of very easy to use online administration tools as none of the employees of Vancouver Island Holidays have a high level of IT knowledge or experience and there is no budget available for IT training.

1.0 Initial Research
In order for this project to be a success I first had to choose a good development methodology to use as an aid in the structuring of the project. A good project structure is almost essential in
keeping a project on schedule and maximising the chances of its success. I also needed to research the company, Vancouver Island Holidays to gain a good understanding as to how they operate. Research also had to be made in order to decide which, if any CASE, computer aided
software engineering tools to use at each stage of the project.
1.1 Choice of System Development Methodology
As discovered from studying various modules in my degree, including People Centred Information Systems in my third year there is a huge choice of different system development methodologies to choose from. No methodology is perfect for use in every situation as all have their strengths and weaknesses.The Systems Development Life Cycle, SDLC is one of the original software development methodologies to be widely used and forms the basis of many more recently developed methodologies. A project is split up into six stages as shown below.
Preliminary Investigation
Systems Analysis
System Design
System Construction
System Implementation




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