A NetworkBased Safety Tracking Database (68 pages: chapter 1-7)

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Project Description

The aim of this project was to create a computer system to back up a safety consultancy process for a company called JOMC ltd. This company already had a computer system to perform this task but this system did not fulfil the current business requirements so a new solution was necessary.
The objectives for the project were:
· Assess the current business processes, both the safety consultancy process and the current computer system used to support this. This was in terms of whether the current computer system usefully supports the safety consultancy process.
· Requirements should be produced for the new computer system according to the inadequacies of the old computer system i.e. the problems that still need to be solved. Relevant success criteria for the new computer system was also produced from this.
· A new computer system implemented according to the success criteria defined.
· This computer system accepted by users as well as being thoroughly tested to make sure it is correct.
The project met most of these objectives. The requirements were defined and the old computer system assessed. A new computer system was produced according to the success criteria defined from this. The only issue was that part of the system was not fully complete (the reporting facility was only prototyped). The system was user tested and evaluated by JOMC for acceptance purposes.

Chapter 1.0
Section 1.1 – Chapter Objectives
This chapter is designed to give the reader the background to this project – the constraints the project will operate under. The objectives are to show the reader the environment of the existing system, analyse the problems of this system and what the requirements are for any new system to be a success.
Once these aspects have been discussed, then the rest of the project will follow on logically from this by going through the steps needed to solve the problems described in this chapter. This chapter is part of the analysis model.

Section 1.2 – Business Background
The project that is being undertaken is in conjunction with a management safety consultancy company called JOMC ltd. They have been in operation for about six years now as such a company and have been expanding rapidly during this time. The company grew from a small project within ICI to cut down ‘lost time accident’ injury rates. Lost Time Accidents (or LTA’s) are accidents within the workplace (these can be anywhere, offices, factory floors etc) that result in a loss of employee hours and as such, cost the company they work for a considerable amount of money.
The process of reducing LTA’s within ICI required a considerable rethink, as the current methods of trying to do this were inadequate. Instead of simply telling employees to act more safely (e.g. when they cut things to use goggles), a system of culture change was devised so the employees felt willing to change their own behaviour. This new process worked as follows:
1) A trained auditor would wander around a particular workplace (in a form of unobtrusive monitoring) watching the way employees worked.
2) The auditor would then find an employee who was working in an unsafe manner e.g climbing up a ladder without the ladder being properly secured (this is known as an unsafe act).
3) The auditor would then interview this employee, asking him what he thought of the way he was acting and how he could change to make this safer.
4) Finally, the auditor would record this interview (onto paper copies) for later assessment.
5) A higher-level auditor, probably a higher manager, would then monitor the performance of the auditor to say how they were doing (one manager is responsible for many auditors), as well as the performance as a whole.



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