A new degree structure for females? – university of leeds as case study

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A new degree structure for females? – university of leeds as case study

The significant minority of females studying and practising in areas of computing is an alarming and puzzling problem. For years, many have attempted to find out why this minority exists and determine if the dilemma can be fixed. There are many opinions on the subject and much research has been conducted to find out why there is a decline in female number and how it can be reversed. Previous findings have established various possible causes of the decline – from the lack of female role models to the way computing is taught in school. The aim of this project was to add to the wealth of research in existence by approach this issue from a new direction to see if any new useful
information could be retrieved. By tackling the problem from the under-utilised direction of preference – that is, what areas of computing are liked more than others – it was hoped to find another possible solution, either that could be used immediately, or one that could be used with other ideas to form a long term strategy. The fact that the trend continues to slide, despite some interesting findings in other studies, only serves to enhance the motivation and the importance of this report.