A Systems Analysis And Design For The Design For The Distribution Of Examination Papers ( 57 Pages: chapter 1-9)

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Project Description

The aim of this project was to analyse the current system for distributing exam papers and to design an improved system that would be both more efficient and user friendly. Members of staff and students were considered to ensure that the maximum benefit could be gained.

The project was split into five stages main phases:

1 An analysis of the current system
2 An investigation into the problems with the current system
3 An investigation into what the stakeholders of the system want from the new system
4 An investigation into factors that will constrain the design of the new system
5 A design for a new system based on knowledge gained from stages 1,2 and 3

By including the stakeholders in as much of the analysis and design as possible the solution provided in Section 9 will be able to cope with all the tasks that it will be required to fulfil. The introduction of an ‘Exams Form’ will allow exam papers to be written, distributed and checked more efficiently within University departments. By making past exam papers and other revision resources available to students via the Internet the burden of revision will be eased whilst also saving time and money for students.



My aims for the project are to gain a detailed knowledge of the current system of dealing with exam papers at the departmental level and the way that past papers are made available to students.

This insight will be used to gain an understanding of the problems that are caused by the current system and to plan a solution with the input of the major stakeholders in the system. These are the groups of people who will be directly and indirectly impacted by and will be users of the system.


The solution provided will be both more efficient and user friendly and be aligned to the needs of the stakeholders.


A means for exam papers to be written electronically will be provided so that they can be distributed more efficiently and to enable them to be made available via the Internet.

The needs of the Students will be gathered and assessed in order to provide recommendations for a web-based system that will be truly aligned to student requirements.

The solution will be useable by the School of Computing and can easily be adopted by other departments.




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