An Information System to Assist Working Practices in a Law Firm – design and implementation

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An Information System to Assist Working Practices in a Law Firm – design and implementation

The main aim of this project was to develop an information system to aid Praxis Partners Solicitors in the
collection of data relating to the time spent by their employees on the cases currently assigned to the
firm. This was primarily related to those employees working off-site so that reports can be generated to
determine whether staff are working according to their performance targets. The development was
achieved using Microsoft Access 97.
The minimum requirements of the project were to:
1. Analyse the current system
2. Analyse the different networks and platforms available in the client offices and recommend the best
way to solve the problem
3. Analyse and evaluate appropriate systems development methodologies and determine which
methodology will be most beneficial to the project.
4. Provide a working software solution which collects the required data and gives the required outputs
and works in one client office, namely Direct Line in Leeds.
5. Demonstrate the software to my supervisor
6. Analyse whether the solution could be extended to work in other offices, on other platforms, as the
company and client base for this system grows.
My personal objectives in completing this project were to:
1. Gain practical understanding of software project development in the setting of a small business.
2. Gain a practical understanding of database design and implementation, particularly in coding Access
Visual Basic to automate procedures.
3. Create a product which will actually be useful to the organisation.

I have achieved these requirements and surpassed them. I have produced a solution that allows Praxis
staff to record their time in an efficient way. I have also managed to implement some additional (nonminimal) features into the database such as a clock timer and support for an SQL server back-end. The users were very happy with the end product. During this project I have also acheieved my personal
objectives. I have gained a deeper understanding of database design and implementation as well as
gaining professional experience of what it is like to develop software projects with a real organisation.