An Online Collaborative Information Management Tool

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An Online Collaborative Information Management Tool

Moonfish Ltd is a New Media Agency that specialises in the development of Internet and multimedia related solutions. As part of my degree programme, I undertook a fourteen-month work placement with Moonfish working as an Internet developer. Managing the amount of information generated during a project lifecycle is a complex yet important part of producing high quality work whilst maintaining efficiency. Moonfish currently use a system developed in-house called ThinkTank that permits the upload of project information to a globally secure document resource area. Clients (customers of Moonfish who the work is being produced for) are then provided with a project specific web page where they can monitor and review the work Moonfish has completed to date. The aim of this project is to research, design, and develop an information management tool that can be used as part of any project lifecycle, and use the Internet as a collaborative platform. Therefore my main objectives (detailed in section 1.3) are as follows:
1. Research the areas that affect the design of a collaborative system.

2. Analyse similar commercially available tools, evaluate the existing version of ThinkTank from a collaborative perspective, and produce a design that reflects all aforementioned work.
3. Analyse various development tools and implement the design using the most appropriate.
4.Evaluate the final solution and assess whether it has been successful by presenting it to Moonfish for review.
5. Extend my understanding within the Internet field and put into practice some of the knowledge I have gained as part of my degree programme.
The final solution has surpassed the initial and minimum requirements. The system has been designed
and developed in such a way as to allow for portability, easy implementation of additional functionality, adaptability to changes to its interface, and above all to provide a noticeable improvement in the efficiency of information sharing between project members during a project lifecycle.