An Online System for the Typesetting of Personalised Christmas Cards

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An Online System for the Typesetting of Personalised Christmas Cards


Objectives of the Project.
The overall objective of the project was to produce an online version of the company CCA Group
Ltd’s in-house typesetting software, OASIS. The function of this software is to provide a way for the agents of the company to typeset the printed inserts for a range of personalised Christmas cards, and to be able to see an accurate preview of the insert before sending it for printing. This will remove a considerable overhead at the company, who would no longer have to set-out every order themselves. The aim of the project was to implement a web based system, that returns a ‘Portable Document
Format’ file that could then be printed by the company. There was also a need for the company to be able to brand the website depending on the customer. This is because the company is a supplier to
several major stores, such as ‘Debenhams’ and ‘WH Smith’s’, who like every resource they use to be
What the Project Achieved
The major success of the project was that it provided most of the power of the in-house software, but
was so easy to use that almost everybody that tested it was able to produce a professional looking insert in a matter of minutes. The system allows fairly complex inserts to be produced, that include logos – the inserts that are produced use the rule files from the company’s own typesetting software, and are therefore indistinguishable from those laid out by the company itself. The project also succeeded in allowing the interface to be branded for different types of customer, and can therefore be offered to different types of agent without much development time.