Apple – Why would you switch?

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Topic Description

This paper is a research-based project involving a review of the operating systems offered by
Apple and Microsoft with an investigation into the reasons that drive a users choice of these
operating systems. The report is developed through the participation of computer users who
are familiar with Apple Macs, Windows PC’s or both and a comparison of task execution on
both types of system.
Windows PC users and Apple Users have different expectations of their computer systems,
whilst possibly accepting different levels or standards of user experience. Common computer
uses for such individuals are email, office applications or Internet browsing.
It appears that the advertisements and marketing strategies of these global companies has a
big role to play in people’s awareness of their products. A purchase from Apple is done with a
high level of satisfaction in comparison to that of a purchase from Microsoft retailers. Apple
users then often develop an enthusiastic adoration of their computers and its operating system,
one that leads to them happily returning and purchasing Apple products in the future. In
contrast many Microsoft product users do not report this.
Performance tests have shown the Apple computer system to be on average 30% faster when
using Adobe Photoshop than a Sony Microsoft Windows based PC undertaking the same
tasks. These findings provide some explanation as to the reasons associated with the use of
Apple Mac machines in specialist, graphic and video related industries such as Publishing,
Sports Science and Interior Design.
Its appears that good marketing campaigns and current market dominance offers Microsoft a
stronghold on peoples decision making in what product (Apple or Microsoft) individuals
purchase for their use either at home or at work. The most easily accessible and commonly
used product is often that which is used, in spite of the fact that it may not be the best.

1. Introduction 1
1.1 History of the PC 1
1.1.1 Microsoft 2
1.1.2 Apple 4
1.2 How does this affect our interaction with the PC 7
1.2.1 Pro’s & Con’s 7
1.2.2 Significance to certain markets 7
1.3 Publications 8
1.4 Geographical Influence 10
1.5 Research Question 10
2. Methodology 11
2.1 Questionnaire 11
2.2 Verbal Interview 13
2.3 Performance Test 14
2.3.1 Application Performance Test 14
2.3.2 Boot Performance Test 15
2.4 Statistics 15
3. Results 16
3.1 Questionnaire 16
3.2 Performance Tests 21
4. Evaluation 23
4.1 Discussion of Results 23
4.2 Conclusion 25
4.3 Recommendations 26
5. References 27
6. Appendices
A Reflection
B Project Management
C Verbal Interview – Guidance Questions
D Questionnaire