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This research study was carried out to obtain the impact of the use of ATM system of banking on customer satisfaction. Research on the use of ATM system of banking customer satisfaction remains unrepresented and is a growing area of interest. It further offered a controversial topic that ATM holders could engage in to further make sense of the different negative and positive effects of ATM use that exist, and how these directly influenced responses to gendered phenomena. It was therefore elicited significant constructions of results and hence was used as a vehicle to further add insight into the constructed nature of awareness about the customer services offered by ATM points to account holders, effectiveness of ATM service on account holders and the relationships between ATM services and customer satisfaction. This was achieved through the use of a sample of (40) ATM users of commercial banks in Nigeria. Through this method the information the impact of the use of ATM system of banking on customer satisfaction. Data was analyzed using SPSS (statistical package for social sciences). The results were understood as largely; almost three quarters of the respondents rated the services offered by an ATM to be effective with withdrawal as the main service offered by ATM, followed by checking of balances, while the statement/mini statement of account came third, and Cash or cheque deposit came last. The finding further depicts that more than half of the respondents were satisfied by the services offered by the ATM.  This study thus shed light on the awareness of the ATM services to nature evident results in customer’s satisfaction in society and as a view point for banking industry by showing how quality services offered by ATM service points are essential and its relationship to customer satisfaction.

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