design and construction of 12v battery charger ( 31 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

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design and construction of 12v battery charger ( 31 pages)



A battery charger is an electrical device that is designed in such a way as to recharge lead acid
battery cells. The aim of producing 12v/1.5ampere battery is to help lead acid battery users save money which would have been used to buy another battery.

Since lead acid battery is rechargeable, it is ideal to have a 12v battery in order to recharge your battery when it runs down.

When this device is connected to an a.c power source through its input, then by the configuration of the device, the output would produce 12v/1.5ampere current which when connected to a lead acid battery, there will be low of current from the device to the battery and at the same time there would be an electro-chemical reaction inside the battery cells to reactivate the electrons in the battery cells.

Once the battery nears a fully charged state, excess charging current produces heat. It would be
observed that the temperature of the charger will rise at this point the battery is almost fully charged,
but as the heat increases the resistance of the battery increases also. Voltage loss occurs and
charger becomes less efficient and as a result,

optimum charging can’t be achieved. To overcome this problem, a cooling fan is provided to maintain
the battery temperature with the above procedure 12/1.5A battery is produce.


Some of you might wonder why a charger is needed at all, to charge a 12v battery from a 12 volt source! Well, firstly the “12 volt” source will typically vary anywhere from 11 volt to 15 volt, and then the battery needs a controlled charge current and voltage, which cannot result from connecting it
directly to a voltage source.

The charger described here is intended for charging small 12 volt lead acid batteries, such as the galled or

AGM batteries of capacities between 2 and 10 ampere, using a cars electrical system as power

source, regardless of where the car engine is running or not.

12 volts battery charger can be define as an electrical device used for recharging lead acid batteries

(specifically 12v). This battery charger is an idea initiated instead if throwing away lead acid batteries
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