Developing A Splash Screen Tookit

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Developing A Splash Screen Tookit

1.1 The Objectives of the Project
The objective of this project is to create a piece of software for programmers which will allow them to add a graphical splash screen to their applications with minimum effort. Programmers are plagued with many small and trivial tasks that they must regularly perform in order to create a professional and functional application; this should not be the case: a programmer’s time is much better used where the full extent of his or her skills are necessary. This toolkit should reduce the burden on the programmer and increase productivity by reducing the time needed to add a splash screen to the application.
1.2 What the Project Achieved
The Splash Screen Toolkit is a Microsoft Windows ® application that will add splash screens to both Microsoft Foundation Class Visual C++ projects and Executable files. The toolkit allows the programmer to specify a bitmap to be displayed while the application is loading and, in the case of MFC applications, it allows the programmer to display a message on the splash screen that can be updated to keep the user of the application informed of the loading status of the application. Although the toolkit does not utilise multithreading as was hoped, it does offer basic functionality and exceeds the minimum requirements of the project.