Developing an integrated scoring and statistics program for baseball

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Topic Description

This project shall look at scoring baseball in the UK. Currently there is not a lot of methods to do this and baseballsoftballuk want to automate the process in order to make the game more enjoyable for scorers and fans alike. There needs to be some software developed that allows users to score a baseball game as they currently do manually, but quicker and with more efficiency. There then needs to be a database set up in order for this data to be stored on a central server. Finally, a website needs to be developed, which has access to this database and which users can navigate to and use with ease to find out statistics on their favourite players or find in depth details about a match.
All these systems shall be integrated and work with each other so that information can seemingly flow from the pitch side to the fans viewing it on the Internet. It shall be developed alongside BSUK in order to keep requirements as close to the company’s specification as possible.