Development of an interactive soccer coaching websites.

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Development of an interactive soccer coaching websites.

Chapter 1 – Background
In this project I undertook the design and implementation of an interactive soccer website. In this
chapter the project is motivated and the background work that was undertaken is described.
1. 1 Purpose of the website
As an active participant in soccer, I have decided to expand my involvement in the game and become
a soccer coach. While browsing on the Internet for relevant information I could not find any websites
that contained a wide range of information about the game of soccer and coaching opportunities. There
are many websites which only cater for individual areas, such as soccer coaching or the soccer game.
I decided to produce a website which will include the majority of relevant material about the game and
coaching. By designing this website, I will try to provide helpful information for potential coaches and
existing participants, who are interested in soccer and perhaps considering becoming a soccer coach.
Also while designing this website, I would like to gain a better understanding and expand my
knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and other required components.
1. 1. 1 Introduction
In introducing the website this sub-section describes the main features considered for inclusion in
order to make it both interesting and helpful.
To begin with the website should include the full coverage of the Laws of the Game. It will include the
standards required by a coach to deliver a professional performance to players of all ages. The detailed
description of the coaching courses will be included to provide information on what will be learned
and how to achieve the required qualifications.
To make the website more interesting it will include an interactive Laws of the Game quiz, which will
be based on the rules of soccer and it will grade users on their performance. The website will not only
apply to potential coaches, but also to existing coaches, who might be interested in obtaining higher
To make it simpler for new users, the website will include a wide range of coaching practices, which
will cover the major areas of soccer, such as: passing, shooting and others. The practices will be
described fully and with instructions on how to carry them out. The website will also include a range
of web-links to popular websites and other websites, relevant to soccer and coaching.
1. 1. 2 Background Research
In order to complete this project, extensive background research had to be carried out. The background
research will included a range of areas relevant to this project, such as HTML, JavaScript and Web