Enhancing a Model for Hospital Waiting Times – design and implementation

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Enhancing a Model for Hospital Waiting Times – design and implementation

The Department of Health is the government department with responsibility for highlevel management of the National Health Service. A key aspect of their work is to monitor waiting lists for hospital treatment, and predict how they will change in the medium – long term, in the light of new policy proposals.
The Economic and Operational Research division have, for many years, used a purpose built spreadsheet model to forecast the state of future waiting lists, but it has become apparent recently that this model is falling short of the Department’s requirements both in terms of performance and functionality. Also, due to the nature of the model, it is difficult to assess the accuracy of the forecasts it creates.
The aim of this project is to extend the usefulness of the previous model, to address its shortfalls, and provide a more useful and accurate forecasting tool for the Department of Health.