factors that reduce savings in nigeria (65 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

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factors that reduce savings in nigeria (65 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

This study investigates the core leading factors that reduce savings in Nigeria between 1980 -2010 using ordinary Least Square (OLS) econometric framework, which will enable us proffer solutions for the improvement of savings in the economy, which is also an important component for economic development in any country. Base on data collected, it is discovered that savings output in Nigeria during the period was unsatisfactory but was later discovered as a necessary factor for economic development and growth. This research shows the significance of savings which is achieved when saving habits is greatly considered by public private and government.

The empirical results show a negative influence of trade openness (TDO) on aggregate savings. The work therefore submits that effort should be geared towards improving export capacity by improving productivity in industrial sector, which provide employment and increase per capital income as a bid to accelerate savings. And since interest rate signals a positive influence on savings in Nigeria, there should also be an intensified impact on real rates, spread and financial liberalization and or financial developing in Nigeria.………….ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .