Famous Computer Scientists and Their Role in Computing Pedagogy

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This final year project makes a contribution towards greater recognition of the work of the many
remarkable individuals throughout the history of the computer.
The project aims to discover the reasons why computing undergraduates are not generally aware of
those considered to be notable in the field. It achieves this by examining what computing is as a
subject, how and why computing differs from other subjects, and what it takes to gain a reputation
within computing. Taking this information as a point of reference, the project examines the problem
in detail and discusses a number of potential solutions, evaluating their effectiveness and ultimately
choosing one method to implement in an effort to alleviate the problem.
The following is a summation of the project’s achievements;
· Defining the problem – Why it is a problem and why it exists.
· Examining the problem – Why is it particularly an issue in computing and what is already
being done in computing education to address the issue.
· Solving the problem – How this is best achieved and the relative effectiveness of different
· Implementing a solution – Choosing one method and making it a reality.
· Evaluating the solution – Critically examining the success of the implemented solution and
the project as a whole, allowing the subsequent identification of further work that could be
conducted in the future.
The effectiveness of the management of the project is also critically evaluated.
The website implemented as part of the solution is available to view at

Summary ii
Acknowledgements iii
Contents iv
1. Introduction 1
1.1. Overview 1
1.2. Introduction to the Problem 1
1.3. Statement of Aim 1
1.4. Objectives of the Project 1
1.5. Minimum Requirements 2
2. Background 3
2.1. Overview 3
2.2. What is Computing as a Discipline? 3
2.3. What Makes a Computer Scientist ‘Famous’? 6
2.4. Summary 7
3. Analysis 8
3.1. Overview 8
3.2. How Does Computing Differ From Other Subjects? 8
3.3. Eponyms 10
4. Addressing the Problem 11
4.1. Overview 11
4.2. Existing Work Within Education 11
4.3. Possible Solutions 12
4.3.1. Changes Within Education 12
4.3.2. Literature 13
4.3.3. The Internet 13
4.4. Choosing a Solution 14
5. Implementing a Solution 15
5.1. Overview 15
5.2. The Poll 15
5.2.1. Method 15
5.2.2. Evaluating The Results 16
5.3. Website Design Considerations 18
5.3.1.The Users 18
5.3.2.The Tasks 19
5.3.3.Navigation 19
5.3.4.Presentation of Content 19
5.3.5.Client Software 20
5.3.6.Heuristic Evaluation 20
5.4. Evaluation Criteria 21
5.5. Website Implementation 23
5.6. Changes in SoC Modules 26
6. Evaluation 27
6.1. Overview 27
6.2. Evaluation of Work 27
6.3. Evaluation of Solution 29
6.4. Suggestions for Further Work 32
7. Project Management 34
7.1. Overview 34
7.2. Initial Schedule 34
7.3. Revised Schedule 34
7.4. Evaluation 35
8. Conclusion 36
8.1. Overview 36
8.2. Project Conclusions 36
References 37
Appendix A: Reflections on the Project 41
Appendix B: Gantt Charts