Finding The Cheapest Mobile Phone Tariff

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Finding The Cheapest Mobile Phone Tariff

As 70% of the population now own a mobile phone, choosing a tariff is a decision which thousands of people make every day. However, with several tariffs offered by various networks, and users’ calling habits varying widely, it can be a difficult decision. Given the vast amount of information available about tariffs, unfamiliar terminology, and inconsistent, complicated calculation methods, choosing the cheapest tariff for a particular user’s usage is extremely difficult and very time consuming. Therefore the aim of this project is to produce a product that is able to make the most appropriate choice in the most straightforward way. This has been done by creating an application that recommends which tariff is most cost effective for a mobile phone user given that user’s particular calling habits.
The users calling habits are found from their existing phone bills, and the software I have written calculates how much these calls would have cost on each of the different tariffs. The software can then make an accurate recommendation as to which tariff to choose. This report details how the problem was researched, and how the solution was designed, implemented and evaluated. The project was successful in meeting its objectives.