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1.1 Aim and Objectives
This project is to develop a web site to help Inti College Malaysia students who wish to further their studies in University of Leeds. The aim of this project is to provide information about students’ life in Leeds. The purpose of this web site is to solve some of the problems faced by Malaysian students who are studying here.

This web site will include information such as important information that international students should know before they come, students’ life in Leeds, cost of living here, the education system as compared to Inti College Malaysia, and so on. This site will allow the staff in Inti College Malaysia to have some relevant information in order to prepare their students to come over to study in Leeds.
The objectives of this project are as follow:
· To let user understand more about the life in Leeds.
· To include more details about the centre for Joint Honours in Science, School of Computing and Business School.
· Allowing the user to know what to expect and what not to expect after arriving in Leeds.
· To include the differences and similarities of the modules in Inti College Malaysia and University of Leeds.
· To enable staff in Inti to be able to offer advice to students before they come to Leeds.

1.2 Overall Project Structure
This is divided into seven main topics. The first section is the introduction, which introduces the purpose of the project and its objectives. The second part of the project is the background studies. In this section, it will discuss about the background studies that has been done in order to complete this project. The background studies include the background of Inti College Malaysia, the web methodology and the information gathering method. The third section talks about the gathering of project requirement. The project requirements are gathered through interview the students in University of Leeds who previously studied in Inti College Malaysia. Other than that, some questions were sent to students and staff in Inti College Malaysia through electronic mail. The next section is the design and implementation of the project.

The content in this section include the method used to approach the project. It also discuss about the overall structure of the whole project and the structure of individual page. Some screen shots of the project developed is also included in here. After this section is the evaluation section. This section contains example evaluation form, the justification of the evaluation form, the evaluation on the content of the project and the criticism received from the evaluation. This section is connected to the next section, which is about the changes made. In changes made section, it discusses about the structure of the second draft, the justification of the changes and more example screen shots of the second draft. The final section before appendix and references is the
conclusion of this project. In the conclusion, it summarises the achievement of the project. In this section, it
also includes future ideas, which discuss about future maintenance of the web site. In Appendix A, it will talk about the experience in doing this project.




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