Interactive Educational Games on the Web

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Interactive Educational Games on the Web


This project set out to develop an interative game which could be used by children in key stage two to enhance their learning. the solution should be appropriate for use in a primary school classroom, in england. for this reason the national curriculum should examined and use as guildline for the content. the solution should be aimed at the children in this key stage and therefore be base around
things which interest them. the solution should provide an enjoyable environment for the children to learn in. there are already some multimedia solutions which are used in schools, these are usually available in the form of CD-ROM. this solution of this project should be mounted on a web-site
so that schools and pupils at home can acess it whenever they wish. the solution should assess from area concerned, such as: the use of computers in  primary schools, the history of games and how they could be used in the classroom and what aspects of games make them interesting for children.