Managed Services for Grid Technology – design and implementation

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Topic Description

Managed Services for Grid Technology

This project will examine two main areas of interest. Firstly it will study grid technology: a meta-computing infrastructure to enable distributed computing. It will examine the motivations for grid technology, the architecture and existing grids. The Globus toolkit, a middleware toolkit which enables grid environment will also be examined.
Secondly it will study the area of the Service Provider. It will look at the services already offered by Service Providers, the technology behind them and the motivations for using a Service Provider. It seeks to explore how a Service Provider could utilize grid technology to offer new services to its customers and to see if this is beneficial over existing technologies. It will then discuss different ways in which this solution could be implemented.
A GridFTP web service was chosen for design and implementation. The benefits of implementing a service in web services are explained. It is designed and implemented to enable file transfer throughout the test grid environment in the Informatics department of the university using the GridFTP protocol.
Evaluation of the service shows that the system was almost completed and that it could be distributed, although not in the manner intended during the design. The project is evaluated on several criteria and shown to be a success overall.