Mobile Online Services for Golfers

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Mobile Online Services for Golfers

This project is based on product development, developing a product for golfers to access services using a mobile device. A market study was carried to determine the commercial prospects for the product in UK market. Mobile platforms are also researched to study which one would be the most feasible one to employ. The following objectives were formulated to achieve the goals:
• Study the market opportunities for mobile services for golfers.
• Review and study the necessary technologies, and study the feasibility of implementing golf services using WAP.
• Learn WML and extend my knowledge of UML by putting it into practice.
• Develop and test a limited demonstration of a mobile online system that enables golfers access specified services.
A prototype of the product was created using WML to implement the interfaces, and was used mainly for demonstration purposes. Business case presentation was conducted at Sportwise Marketing to identify commercial aspects as well as outline the key product features. The WAP architecture was also studied to provide background research for the design and development phases. The project helped me gain a better understanding of a subject area I have a good interest in.