On-line support for MSc Project Administration

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On-line support for MSc Project Administration

This report documents the undertaking and progression of a project to create an Online Management and Monitoring System for the MSc Proje ct process. The project follows the Rational Unified Process though Business Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Evaluation, delivering a prototype that provides a centralised record of the MSc Students’ progress through the project cycle, monitoring the flow of documents, deadlines, and the project and supervisor allocations. The conclusion of the project is the prototype, which implements the monitoring functionality
and gives an insight into how the submission of deliverables by the students can be handled by the system. The prototype is the result of the first iteration of the Design and Implementation process and, after another iteration, it is intended to be installed and used by the MSc Project Coordinators, Project Supervisors and Assessors and the MSc Students.