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Online Journal

International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English (ICAME) is an international organisation of linguists and information scientists working with English machine-readable texts. The aim of the organisation is to collect and distribute information on English language material available for
computer processing and on linguistic research completed or in progress on the material, to compile an archive of English text corpora in machine-readable form, and to make material available to research
The ICAME organisation is currently using traditional publishing method to distribute its journal, and it is suffering from increasing costs of journal publication, decreasing number of subscribers, necessity for countermeasure to the global movement of online journals, and other related matters. The overall aim of this project was to investigate publication, promotion and distribution of e-journals, with a concrete case study: transferring ICAME journal to a web-based e-journal. A survey of different conceptions of ‘hard-copy’ journals and web-based e-journals was carried out, and a website was implemented to enable users to view journals online. This online system was analysed and designed by following SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology).